Spanex Girl

It’s Friday!!
We made it!

Squat Challenge Day 18, 5/30/13(150 Squats)
Ab Challenge Day 18 completed on 5/30/13

I had a long week, but it was worth it. Today I’m hanging out with my friend Tamara. I’m so thrilled to see her, feed her, and to get our nails done, super excited to say the least.

Since today is an easy day, and I have an early morning conference call that I have to attend, I did something a little different and a little special for all of you.

Today day is Fashion Friday!

I got up this morning around 7am and put on a fashion show in my room, taking pictures, posing, and trying to look sexy instead of tired.

Today I am showcasing some of my spandex looks.

Since I’ve always had a big booty I staid away from spandex for a while. Recently I found these super funky astrology spandex, that I purchase with the intent to only wear them around the house. I showed them to my Mother and she loved them, I showed them to my boyfriend and he requested that I wear them that day. I was super self-conscious the first time I went out in these funky threads, I got a lot of stares but even more complements. In spandex I can’t hide much, if I have a gut you can see it, if I have an unshapely butt you can see it. That was my excuse for a long time. Now that I’m up to 150 squats and 17 days on my abdominal challenge, plus interval cardio training, my body is looking pretty good, no more reason to hide. I have been wearing my spandex on a regular bases. My man loves it, I love it and I hope you all enjoy the pictures.

Have a wonderful weekend

Since the week was so stressful I was not able to take any hikes or workout in the park. I will do better next week.

Stretch It Out

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Hi Everyone!

Today is a great day. I know I usually start out like that, but hey, what can I say, I’m a naturally positive person. 

Squat Challenge Day 17, 5/30/13(0 Squats)
Ab Challenge Day 17 completed on 5/30/13

I think I’m still recovering from that long weekend, but at least I only have one more day to go. 

Today I want to talk about the importance of stretching. My boyfriend is an avid stretcher. WE both plan on getting our Yoga certification within the next year. I want to teach yoga, he wants to improve his practice. Talking last night we decided to come up with a stretch of the day and post it on this blog. To get you guys ready of all of this wonderful stretching that’s coming at you, I want to discuss why stretching is so important, and the benefits for a regular stretching regiment.

Always one to keep it real and share the facts, studies about the benefits of stretching are mixed. Some say stretching may help you improve flexibility which may help your athletic performance, and decrease your risk of injury. Other studies prove stretching does not benefit you at all.

I understand and respect studies but I also know that a regular stretching routine has benefited my every day life, and my athletic performance like nothing else. I will continue stretching regardless of what studies prove and do not prove.

Here are some benefits of a regular stretching regiment

  • Stretching increases blood flow to the muscles.
  • Stretching improves your range of motion in joints and tendons.
  • Stretching promotes good posture, better blood flow and confidence
  • Stretching is great for glutes (your booty)
  • Stretching helps elevate tight overworked muscles after a workout
  • Stretching is great for your thoracic spine

I will admit I was the kind of person that didn’t put much effort in on warm ups, and always skipped the cool down section of my workout. I just did not enjoy stretching; it seemed to be tedious, annoying, and painful. I would rather plop down on the couch as my reward for working up a sweat, but I was always super sore within a hour after my workout, sometimes the soreness would last for weeks at a time. It was uncomfortable and discouraging. I love to be sore, but my soreness was taking over my life. When I got into Bikram yoga, I noticed attending the class curbed a lot of my aches and pains. I slowly started to incorporate stretching into my warm up and cool down, treating it like a gift instead of a curse. Now, if I don’t stretch I know my body will hurt like hell then next day. If I am nice to myself and stretch my body seem to enjoy it, and the next day is a lot more enjoyable for me.

All this stretching talk and we haven’t mentions the benefits of being flexible. I’m a very flexible girl. I’m still not able to do the splits, yet I’m always actively working on opening my hips to make the splits possible. Being flexible is sexy, flirty, and satisfying. I started treating stretching like working out, pushing myself a little pass the point of pain and holding the stretch to get the true benefits. I also know stretching improved my sex life. I won’t go into details, but I will admit my boyfriend enjoys this limper workout fanatic.

*Stretching is great foreplay. Sometimes I start bending my body in different direction in front of my man. Its not always to get him excited, most of the time my muscles are tight and I’m trying to alivate some of the tension. Regardless of the reason, I notice my boyfriend perks up when I start touching my toes, or completeling diffent yoga stances. I think the angles are pretty sexy, and sometimes, if I’m lucky, my stretching time turns into “good lovin” time. One more thingevery since I started the squat challenge it is challenging for me to perform at my best when I can hardly bend my legs. Since last week I have been stretching before sex. If I don’t I won’t be able to complete my “womanly duties.”

I hope you all find the joy in stretching.

Coming soon
Stretch of the day!!!

Dinner last night

I love potatoes and my favorite potato dish is Patatas Bravas. Patatas Bravas is a dish from Spain, its fried potatoes with a spicy tomato sauce. I am a potato fan, and a spicy fan, so I’m in heaven when I get my hands on some good Patatas Bravas. On my quest I found a new tapas restaurant called Bocadillos, in the Financial District. OMG not only were the Patatas Bravas amazing but the rest of the food was just as good. We will defiantly be revisiting that restaurant some time soon.

                      Patatas Bravas!!!

                  Lamb Burger… Only 6 bucks!

                   Charred Corn Salad

                 Prawns with Crispy Garlic
Last but not least.

I am attending a Life Coaching Certification class in two weeks and I can’t wait. I already have some Life Coaching clients, and I know this class will improve my skills, and techniques. The teacher of the class just contacted me to make sure all my questions had been answered, and make a personal connection with me before the class. I like this program already. I truly appreciated him taking the time out of his busy schedule to talk to me. I can’t wait to share my new knowledge with all of you.

Alrighty then…

1 more day until the weekend, try to hold on.


I’m Back!!!!!

Hi everyone!

Squat Challenge Day 12, 5/24/13(rest)
Squat Challenge Day 13, 5/25/13(130 Squats)
Squat Challenge Day 14, 5/26/13(135 Squats)
Squat Challenge Dy 15, 5/27/13(rest)  
Squat Challenge Day 16, 5/28/13(140)Squat 

Ab Challenge Day 12 completed on 5/24/13
Ab Challenge Day 13 completed on 5/25/13
Ab Challenge Day 14 completed on 5/26/13
Ab Challenge Day 15 completed on 5/27/13
Ab Challenge Day 16 completed on 5/28/13

It’s been a while since we’ve hung out. I have lots to talk about and lots of pictures to share. 
Sometimes 3-day weekends kick my butt, and make me less productive, but I’m not going to complain about the time off of work.

Hiking it out

I went on a Hike on Friday. It was pretty magical, walking on a dirt road with an unobstructed view of the Golden Gate Bridge in the background. I truly enjoyed my day, until I made it down the hill, to the Kirby Cove, where I found signs warning me about “raccoons” above that sign was a smaller sign warning me about  “aggressive raccoons”. I had just walked 2 miles down into this cove, all by myself without a care in the world, with only a miniature can of pepper spray tucked into my waistline for protection. With only a few more feet to go until I reached the cove,I heard something rustling in the bushes, which turned out to be nothing. The cove was super beautiful and peaceful. 2 other people showed up, but they went to the other side of the cove, giving me maximum privacy.  I couldn’t believe I was 5 minutes away from the city and 10 minutes away from my house. After spending an hour or so enjoying the peace and quiet, I made the trek up the hill heading back to my car, making sure the check behind me every 30 seconds for aggressive raccoons, looking for any mountain lion or bob cat tracks, and watching out for snakes. I must say the signs made me nervous, but I’m still happy I went on the hike. It was stunning. I will be visiting Kirby Cove again, very very very soon.

This weekend was super uneventful for me. I wanted to go miniature golfing but one of my friends wanted to come to Sausaltio and hang out. Not one to turn down a friend, I sent my boyfriend to the gym and treated my girlfriend and I to a manicure and pedicure. It was great to catch up and hang out with like-minded people. My nails look grrrrrrrreat and I’m happy I got to spend some quality time with a good friend on a long weekend.

Later on that night we headed to Los Gatos to have dinner with family. Dinner was great, very tasty Greek food, I wish I had pictures to post, but I try to keep the picture talking to a minimum around my family. They support my blog, but also want my full attention, which I can understand.

The next day I woke up ready to tackle the world and attend a few fairs. We decided to go into the city first and find some food, then come back and enjoy the festivities. First we headed the “Mission” but there was some kind of event in progess and we couldn’t find parking, we headed to the  “Castro” parked and went on the search for good food. 

If you didn’t know the Castro is the Gay part of the city. When I was in college I hung out in the Castro every day and night. It was a safe place for a single young woman, just looking to dance and have some fun, I was more than excited to revisit my old stomping grounds. Since it was a super nice day, and a holiday I was a little risky with my outfit choices. I had on flowy tan lien pants, and a green shirt that covered everything but the small of my back. I looked pretty sexy, and my butt resembled a firm round bubble. While running across the street I heard a man with the typical gay accent screaming “Dam Girl!! Whooo Hooo! BABY GOT BACK!!!” Never being one to shy away from a confrontation, after safely making it across the street, I looked up and spotted the Man at on outside bar, hanging off the balcony still making cat calls at me. I waved, did a spin and enjoyed the reaction and applause I received from him and his friends. My boyfriend just shook his head, laughed, and told me I was crazy. But I was on cloud 9. I love compliments, especially when I’m in revealing clothing. I also know that the squat challenge is doing its job, and that I’m grateful for.

Sad to say that was the highlight of my day. As soon as we started heading back to Sausalito my stomach started cramping. When we arrived home I felt as if I needed to throw up but couldn’t, and spent the rest of the day laying on the bed, pissed off that I had to miss the fairs because I was sick. I took the pink stuff, and sucked down some soda water, after a few stinky burps I was feeling better but still not 100%. We decided to grab some Chinese food for dinner, in which all I consumed was fried rice, that’s all I could get down. Good thing fried rice is one of my favorite foods.

Monday and Tuesday are sort of a blur. I did a lot of research for my life coaching certifications, worked out, read, watched the first season of the Sopranos, and took it pretty easy.

Today I want to hit it hard. I truly enjoyed working out in the park, and have decided to put on a free boot camp for Sausaltio Residents. I’m making signs to advertise the bootcamp and get my name out to the public, all this to obtain more Personal Training clients, and also get to know the neighborhood.

Hopefully i’ll have the sign created by the end of the week, I’ll share it with all of you and get some feed back.

So that’s it. Oh wait no its not

Have you ever had Korean food?? Last night we went to Brothers Restaurant on Geary Street. Korean BBQ is one of my favorite meals, from the little tasty treats they give you before hand, to healthy grilled shrimp kabobs, I was able to stay on my diet and eat very very very well. 

I will admit I feel like I’m getting a little “thick” around my midsection. I’m not sure if it’s because I’m not resting between ab workouts. I know it sounds like an excuse, but when I overwork my abdominals they swell, and usually don’t go down until I give them a 2-3 day break. Since I’m not 100% sure if its swelling or weight gain, I’m going to rev up the cardio again. My exercise bike will become my best friend, plus I am going to complete my boot camp workout a few times a week. It’s a hard workout that always shows me results. Worst case scenario, I’m gaining weight and this will help me slim down, best case scenario, my abdominals are swollen and I’m going to get even smaller. I like my chances with both scenarios, so I’m going to stay on track.

That’s it! That was my uneventful weekend. I missed you all dearly.



Sorry for the delay

Hi everybody!
Sorry for the delay, I’m dealing the some pretty frustrating family issues, so all of my energy needs to focus on my family. I will be back tmrw with pictures, updates, and lots of jokes.


Fairs, Fashion, Cellulite…

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It’s Friday!!! We made it!!!

Squat Challenge Day 11, 5/23/13(110 Squats)
Ab Challenge Day 11 completed on 5/24/13
As much as I am looking forward to this 3-day weekend I must admit I have no plans. No invitations to a party, or BBQ, no family gathering, no friends in town. So the pressure is on to find some fun activities to do this weekend. I have a few ideas, and I figured I would share them with you guys, because that’s what I do.
I usually avoid the movies on weekends like this, but since I have no plans, it might be fun to see the latest flick. I still haven’t seen OZ, Iron Man 3, or The Great Gabsy, maybe I’ll buy tickets to the Kabuki theater, it’s 21 and over, and they serve food and drinks. That’s could be a lot of fun.

Miniature Golf           
I have been trying to go miniature golfing for the last 10 years. No one is particular excited to accompany me, but I know it would be a great time. It sounds super corny, but once you get out there I know everyone will find their inner child. My inner child is always around; I think that’s one of my problems.
GoKart Racing
I love to drive. I think I’m a better diver then most people, especially my other half. There’s an awesome GoKart Racing place in Burlingame  that I really want to go to. I feel like it might be pack on Memorial day, but I still think it would be fun.
Hiking Angel Island
Living is Sausalito I have a pretty amazing view of Angel Island. You can only get to Angel Island by ferry boat, but I hear it’s worth the 10 minute ride. 360 degree views of the city, a bar to grab a drink, and 3-4 hiking trails sounds like something I’m interested in. I usually don’t like going places that might be crowed, but Angel Island could be an acceptation to the rule.
Larkspur Flower and Food Festival
On Sunday May 26, 2013 from 11am-6pm, Larkspur is holding its 24th Annual Flower and Food Festival. It features the a Salsa Tasting Competition, gourmet and specialty food venders, flower-related arts and crafts to buy, and dancing to local Marin Bands. I defiantly planning on attend this! I love fairs, and Larkspur is just 10 minutes from my house.
Caledonia Street Festival
On Sunday May 26, 2013 from 11am-6pm, Sausalito is holding the Caledonia Street Festival. It is said to draw hundred of people to dance, eat, drink, mingle, shop, and groove. There will be arts and craft booths, live music, entertainment, and street performers. This is a local Sausalito Street festival that I also plan on attending.
I found some really cool stuff to do this weekend. I’m thinking Miniature Golf, GoKart racing, or Movies Saturday, on Sunday we can go Festival hopping. I worked out some plans for this long weekend, I’m still not sure what we should do on Monday, but I’m sure I’ll think of something fun.
Today is Fashion day!!! 
 I love today, because I love fashion. I’ve been wearing a lot of summer dresses, and a lot of short flowy dress to keep it simple, sexy, and to show off my legs. Here are a few of my favorite summer dresses this week.

Realizing that I’m 30 is easy; trying to dress appropriate for my age is my issue. I’m trying to wear longer skirts, and looser shirts, but sometimes I want to show all off of my hard work. I have a few long maxi dresses that I enjoy slipping on, but I look better in cute short sexy numbers.  
Lets talk Cellulite.
The wiki defination of Cellulite is:
 (also known as adiposis edematosa, dermopanniculosis deformans, status protrusus cutis, gynoid lipodystrophy, orange peel syndrome and cottage cheese skin) is the herniation of subcutaneous fat within fibrous connective tissue that manifests topographically as skin dimpling and nodularity, often on the pelvic region (specifically the buttocks), lower limbs, and abdomen. Cellulite occurs in most postpubertal females and rarely in males.
My defination of Cellulite is: hell on earth.
I have had cellulite for as long as I can remember. I nicked name my Mom Walnut booty when we were growing up, because she had cellulite all over her butt, and it looked like a walnut. Be careful who and what you make fun of, for the last 10 years my butt looks like a Walnut. 
There are millions of products that claim to reduce Cellulite, but I’m not someone who buys into that kind of thing. I feel like you have to tackle things from the inside out, and sweat sweat sweat. It is a readily know fact the flax seed can help reduce cellulite, but flax seeds isn’t a snack that I constantly enjoy. When I switch over to consuming oatmeal every morning, about 2 months ago, I found oatmeal with flaxseeds and decided to try it out. I must admit my cellulite has been fading. I just checked out my ass and it doesn’t look like a walnut as much as it used it. It might be the 100’s of squats that I am complete, or my Kettle bell routine that kicks my butt, but whatever it is, I’m happy to say I’m looking better and better everyday. Thanks Flaxseeds.
So that’s it. As soon as I put the finishing touches on this posting, I’m heading to a park in Sausalito to exercise. I wanted to go to the Marina Green today, “The Marina Green in San Francisco, California, is a 74-acre (300,000 m2) expanse of grass between Fort Mason and the Presidio. It is adjacent to San Francisco Bay, and this location provides good views of the Golden Gate Bridge, Angel Island, Alcatraz Island, and parts of Marin County.”  But I have a lot of jumping and timed exercises today, and I don’t think it’s conducive to the preppie, sexy, perfect Marina Green people, so off to Sausalito Park.
After the heavy lifting I plan on completing the Marin Headlands hike today. Its about 4-5 mile hike, pretty much all up hill, it will be a great cardio challenge, and a nice chance to take in the sights and sounds of the bay.
I’ll post pictures of my fun filled weekend on Monday.
We went to Curry Up Now yesterday, my boyfriend got the tacos and I got my favorite thali platter. I’ll post the picture so you guys can eat with your eyes. It’s my favorite way to eat, no calories consumed.

Hearts my friends!!!
Enjoy your long weekend!!!

Just one more day until the weekend

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Hello Friends!

Today is going to be a good day, I can feel it in my bones.
Squat Challenge Day 10, 5/22/13(105 Squats)
Ab Challenge Day 10 completed on 5/22/13

I’m still going hard with the challenges. I completed 105 squats yesterday and it wasn’t as hard as Tuesday, maybe I’m getting stronger. Well, I actually know I’m getting stronger, a few nights ago it was my turn to “get on top” and my legs didn’t start hurting at all. I know that’s a little intimate, but its proof that my legs are defiantly getting stronger, because I can last longer. Lol.
I will admit that my stomach seems to be a little bloated. I’ve been staying on my diet, eating very clean, and very little. I got my snacking under control and added mid-morning, and mid-day snacks, so I’m not as hungry as I was last week. I also revved up on the Salmon again, since it’s one of my only sources of protein, I make sure to have at least 1-6oz piece of Salmon a day. All that said, my stomach isn’t as flat as it should be; but this time I know why. 
When I over work my abdominals they swell. I usually don’t like to take many days off when working out, when I finally give my body a break, within 2-3 days of resting, I can loose up to 2 inches off of my midsection. The Abdominal challenge is 30 days straight, and my little abs are hurting, swollen, and bloated. I can tell the challenge is working, I can see my abdominals a lot clearer the before, and my obliques look sick. Last night after admiring myself in the mirror for a while, I told my boyfriend that I think this one is going to work. I’m only on day 9, and I can see results. My abdominals feel tight and taunt, right now, as I sit and type on my computer. I think I will see the real results of this challenge a few days after my 30 day mark. 
I have another abdominal routine I would like to complete before my big trip to Canada in August. That’s the big date, August 3. My Sister, my Mother and a couple of our friends are flying in to Washington DC, to catch a buss to Toronto Canada, to go to Caribana. I want to be fit for this trip, 6 pack, toned arms, toned legs, and no worries. I’m not planning on being in the parade, but I plan on being one of the hottest women there.

Wait… Did I tell you guys about Caribana???

Here’s the scoop.

It’s going to be a blast. My last long relationship was with a man from Trinidad and Tobago. Even thought it didn’t work out, he taught me a lot about life, love, and fun. I couldn’t imagine growing up on a tropical island. Strangely my sister’s ultimate goal is to go to Trinidad and Tobago’s Carnival. I’m defiantly going with her to that one. I love to party, dress up in crazy outfits, and I love the music. I find that people from the islands are very accepting and kind, especially if you’re a dread. I’m very excited about the trip. I’ve been all around the world but I’ve never been to Canada. My Mother and Sister have never been outside of the country so I’m happy I get to share their first experience with them.

All that said….

Have you ever hear of EFT??

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) is a form of counseling intervention that draws on various theories of alternative medicine including acupuncture, neurolinguistic programming, energy medicine, and Thought Field Therapy.

It’s involves a technique called tapping. I know this sounds silly, or maybe it doesn’t, but I tried a few tapping techniques from some videos I found on Youtube, and somehow it worked. 

I have very very very bad anxiety. I worry about natural disasters, car accidents, accidentally injuries, and heart attacks. I worry about the impending death of my love ones all the time. Some times it consumes all of my thoughts, and I’m stuck in a terrible worried state, with no one to talk to. I felt alone for a long time. I tried to share my issues with my family and friends, but everyone told me to just let it go, if it was only that easy.

On the day I found the EFT video my boyfriend was sitting right besides me, the video include a simple workshop and instructed you to tap on certain areas on your body and ask the be rid of whatever is ailing you. I ask for my anxiety to be taken away. NO joke, I didn’t have any thoughts about anxiety for about a month, then one day on the way to dinner it started again. I started tapping right away, and surprisingly my significant other didn’t say a word. He didn’t make fun of me, or call me weird. He told me he wants me to go to a proper class and see if it something we could both enjoy and benefit from.

Tonight I was planning on attend my first EFT workshop. I found the group on meetup, I was all set to go until I realized the meeting is in San Leandro, which is over an hour and a half away from my home. Not only is it far, but its from 7pm-9pm, which means I will be stuck in rush hour traffic and get home after 10. I have a few early session tomorrow morning and as cool as I am I don’t enjoy sitting in rush hour traffic. I did find a EFT group closer to home in Santa Rosa, I already joined their group and I plan on attending their next meeting. I also want to use this event to network, maybe snag a few clients, or make some good contacts.

EFT clams: Tapping on meridian points on the body derived from acupuncture can releases energy blockages that cause negative emotions.

It worked for me, I can’t promise anyone anything, but it definitely helps me tackle my anxiety.

That’s all that’s up with me today. I going to stick around the house. It’s a non-workout day, all I have to do is complete my challenges. I need to clean my house, top to bottom, then work on my website, and design a flyer and a shirt.

I didn’t tell everyone about exercise in the park.

It was excellent. I got outside, and pushed myself hard. I did get a few stares but they were all encouraging stares. I made friends with a few dogs and some adorable kids. I know I made a good step in the correct direction. No one came up to me to inquire about training, and I’m not surprised. I plan on showing up at different parks 1-2 times a week, working out, and being friendly. I plan on making a few shirts for me to workout in that will let people know that I am a trainer and I can help them reach their goals. I’m also going to advertise my website, and blog on the shirt, just in case somebody is to shy to come up to me, or they see me killing it from the car. I’m excited about building my platform, and I want to thank you all for supporting me from the beginning.

I really enjoy the new blog format. I feel like I’m amongst friends, I hope you enjoy the new postings. You are getting to see more of Mary, and I know that’s a blessing.

OK everyone, just one more day until the long weekend arrives. Can’t wait, can’t wait.

Building my Platform

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 Hello Friends!!!

Squat Challenge Day 9, 5/21/13(100 Squats)
Ab Challenge Day 9 completed on 5/21/13

I knocked out the challenges yesterday, but 100 squats almost knocked me out!!! I can’t believe I’m expected to do 100+ squats for the next 20+ days. I’m going to need your prayers and support, I didn’t realize that this challenge was going to be so challenging. There is no way that you won’t see results, if you have to complete 100+ squats everyday with no breaks. I hope it gets easier because yesterday was a struggle.
Today is a beautiful day, not as beautiful as early this week but it still very beautiful. I’m going to workout in the park today, I’m excited and nervous; I’ll defiantly let you guys know how it goes. I think I’m going to get a lot of random stares but I also think I’ll meet some nice housewives that are dying to get back in shape.
Yesterday I went to Kokkari Estiatorio for lunch, an upscale Greek and Mediterranean restaurant in the finical district in San Francisco. http://www.kokkari.comThe food was excellent. Last year my boyfriend and I flew around the world and Greece was one of my favorite spots. The people are very friendly and they know how to party, the food is amazing, fresh and light, and the weather and scenery seem like something out of a dream. Ever since that trip I’ve been on the hunt for good Greek food. I find that most places lack in authenticity, but not Kokkari. We had zucchini cakes, watermelon with feta cheese, and a whole roasted branzino (which is a Mediterranean seabass). We will be back sooner rather than later.
I kept it quick and easy for dinner, oven fried shrimp, oven fried okra, and a vegetable mixture of mushrooms, corn, and peppers. Dinner was excellent, satisfying, and healthy, just like I like it.
After dinner I started working on my new website and brochures that I want to launch by the end of the month.
While reading, “Get known before the book deal” by Christina Katz, I realize I need to truly take ownership of my non-existent platform. I need to grown my business, grow my readership, and grow my fan base and I can only do that by exposing myself more. Sharing my style, hopes, and dreams with the world, or I should say on the World Wide Web, and the world. I am currently in the process of creating a handout with my before and after picture on one side and an explanation of my services on the other side. Last night I went through all my old pictures and pulled out the best fat pictures and the best slim pictures. I’m amazed at the difference. Check it out and tell me what you think.
So that’s all there is today. The rest of my day is going to be pretty fun. I’m headed to the park around 9am to workout, then off to to meet with a friend and a client for a long lunch to catch up and get some work done. No plans tonight for dinner, but I’m sure I will find something fun to get into.
Enjoy this beautiful Wednesday, I hope you have a wonder-filled day.

Eat it then Burn it

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Hello All!

Today is another beautiful and who knows what I will get into
Squat Challenge Day 8, 5/20/13(0 Squats)
Ab Challenge Day 8 completed on 5/20/13

You guys know I don’t like to workout in front of people. It freaks me out, I always feel like they are judging my form and my technique, but to grow my business I need to start training myself outside. To get my “feet wet” I worked out in front of the boyfriend last night.
It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. I was uncomfortable in awkward positions, but I pushed myself harder then usually, I kept my form in check, and I kick butt. It was a step in the right direction. If I can exercise in front of him, grunt, moan, and cheer myself on, I can do it in front of anybody. So, tomorrow is training in the park. I’m excited for the new experience, and to get myself out in the community.
Yesterday I wanted to go to Angel Island for a hike, but we missed the ferry and deiced to go for a hike somewhere else. Driving toward the Marin headlands, we found a Rodeo Beach, a small pebble beach that was perfect. There were around 15-20 surfer dudes, and maybe 10-20 people enjoying the sun. The beach wasn’t crowded, pushy, or showy, it was perfect and I’m happy I got to take a moment to chill out and enjoy the sun yesterday. Here are some pictures of the Marin headlands and my new favorite beach.

If it’s hot enough this afternoon, and I have time between clients, I’m going to slip on my bikini and work on my tan.
Today I want to tackle fast food and how much exercise it takes to burn off a cheat meal.

Fast food is bad for you.
Every one knows that, but sometimes fast food is all you can afford or have time to consume. I comprised a list of popular fast food calorie and fat count and how long it would take you to sweat off each greasy prize meal.


Chipotle southwest Steak and Cheese Sandwich
500 Calories
22 grams fat
Orginal Chicken Sandwich
440 Calories
18 grams fat
Pizza Hut
Large Meat Lovers Pizza
350 Calories
21 grams fat
2 pieces dark meat
440 Calories
28.9 grams fat
White Castle
1 Slider
140 Calories
6 grams fat
Roast Beef Sandwich
547 Calories
28 grams fat
Taco Bell
Taco Supreme
220 Calories
14 grams fat
Burger King
670 Calories
39 grams fat
Mc Donald’s
Big Mac
550 Calories
29 grams fat
Chicken Nuggets (5 piece)
230 Calories
15 grams fat
Mc Donald’s
Large French Fries
500 Calories
25 grams Fat
In & Out Burger
480 Calories
27 grams fat

Now that I depressed and informed you about the calorie count in some of our favorite fast foods, lets talk about burning them off with some old fashion exercise.
All calculations are subject to fluctuate due to weight, speed, resistance, and time frame.
1 hour with 5-6 resistance can burn up to 500 calories per hour
Outdoor bike riding
1 hour can burn up to 600 Calories
45 minutes can burn up to 500 calories
45 minutes can burn up to 500 calories
General Aerobics
1 hour can burn up to 475 calories
1 class can burn 500-1000 calories an hour
1 class can burn 400-600 calories an hour
Step Class
1 class can burn 350-540 calories
1 class can burn up to 180 calories
1 class can burn up to 250 calories
Jump Rope
1 hour can burn up to 571 calories
1 hour punching bag can burn 400-500 calories
1 hour sparring can burn up to 650 calories
1 hour can burn up to 500 calories
Kettle Bell Weight Training
30 minutes training can burn up to 600 calories
Weight Training
1 hour weight training(moderate pace) can burn 400-475 calories
1 hour weight training(with long rests) can burn 250-300 calories

I gave you the skills to pay the bills, now it’s up to you to eat and burn accordingly.
Enjoy your day!
Blessings my friends 

Abs, Squats, & Polymetric exercises, all in a days work

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Today is the first day of the rest of your life.

That’s my favorite quote because it reminds me that nothing last forever and everyday we have the chance to recreate ourselves.

I had a wonderful weekend. I got to see my nephew, he’s the cutest little boy in the entire world, and took my mother to get her first Thai Message. I’ve enjoyed the weekend and now and ready to tackle this week.

Lets talk challenges:
Squat Challenge Day 5, 5/17/13 (70 Squats)
Squat Challenge Day 6, 5/18/13 (75 Squats)
Squat Challenge Day 7, 5/19/13 (80 Squats)
Ab Challenge Day 5 completed on 5/17/13
Ab Challenge Day 6 completed on 5/18/13
Ab Challenge Day 7 completed on 5/19/13 

Progress Report Pictures and Video


Squat Challenge

Today is day 8 and it’s a rest day! Yay!! Yesterday I had to complete 85 squats. OMG it kicked my butt. I’m going to enjoy my rest day because tomorrow I have to do 100 squats, no breaks, good form, HELP!

Ab Challenge

I love this challenge, that’s crazy, but it’s true, I really enjoy this abdominal routine. It is challenging but defiantly doable. I’m finding myself getting tired towards the end of the routine, which is an improvement; I used to get tried by the 2-3 exercise. My favorite exercise is the roll V-Ups. When I first started I hated these things, they were awkward, and they hurt, but now I enjoy the challenge, I can keep good form, they are still very challenging but I’m very proud of myself when I complete this exercise. I add Planks to the challenge every other day, for that extra boost. So far so good, today is day 8 and I haven’t missed one day, yet I also can’t wait for this challenge to be over. With all the late night snacking I did this week I know the challenge is working because I don’t have a budda belly like I should. Thank god for this challenge.

I talked about not wanting to push myself last week, of being a little lazy when it came to my workouts. Today I’m ready to sweat. Ready for a challenge and ready to be proud of myself when the torture and pain is over. I plan on working out at my local park at least 2 times a week. I want to get outside of my house to sweat. I think it will be a lot more entertaining, then staring at myself in the mirror, and I know I will push myself harder because I will be around strangers. I also am looking to obtain more clients, usually when people see me working out they ask if I’m a personal trainer, and express the desire to get in shape. Hopefully I will be able to drum up some more business this week. 

Yesterday I got a Thai message with my mother. It was her first Thai Message, and my first this month. I get a message at least once a month, because I workout so hard my body likes to stiffen up on me, and I have some serious tightness in my butt, legs, and back. There is nothing like somebody walking on you and messaging your pressure points while working out your knots. If you haven’t tried a Thai message I urge you to go, they call it the rich mans yoga because of all the stretching that is involved in the message. It’s a different experience from laying on your back and having someone rub away your pain. They stretch, pull, and twist you until they are satisfied. It hurts soooo good. 

It’s time to jump-start my exercise routine and I think I’m going to add a plyometric Cardio Circuit.

Plyometric are exercises that train fast muscle fibers and the nerves that activate them, which helps improve explosive strength. The exercises are typically hopping and jumping movements.

A lot of people use ploymetric exercises to enhance their cardiovascular fitness level.

Here are some reasons to try a plyometric cardio workout:

  • Adds challenge and intensity to your exercise routine
  • Enhances joint stability
  • Increases power in the body
  • Increases strength
  • Increases mobility and flexibility
  • Burn more calories and burns fat fast!

The two most popular and effective ploymetric cardio circuit programs are Insanity and PX90.
Currently I’m not planing on doing PX90 or Insanity, but if you know me then you know I might change my mind, so we shall see. 

I’m ready for a challenge, and this sounds like a good one to me. Give me luck!!!

Food, Fashion, Fitness and Fun


It’s Friday!!!

HEEEYYY!!! I’m happy it Friday! I can’t wait to get this weekend started.

Squat Challenge Day 4 completed on 5/16/13
Ab Challenge Day 4 completed on 5/16/13

Ok Ok so you know I’m all about challenges now a days. While cruising on google+, and trying to expand my network I found

I’m starting to follow more and more blogs and this one is a keeper.

Sooooooo I’ve been tired and uninspired during my workouts this week. I’m just not ready to jump back in and kick my own ass. Instead of beating myself up, like I usually do, I have embraced my tiredness and amended my workout schedule. I’m keeping up on the challenges, I’m keeping up on my Kettle Bell Routine, and I even added jump roping into the mix.

I’m going to go easy on myself, not beat myself up too much about not wanting to torture myself, then next week it starts!!! The sweat the pain and most importantly the results!! 

Today used to be confessions Friday, old habits die hard, and I have a confession that I want to share with all of you.

Since I came back from vacation I have been late night snacking like crazy. I’m not sure why, well I actually know exactly why, I’m not consuming enough protein and food during the day. So when night comes my body freaks out and I get super hungry around 10pm-12am. I’ve been trying to keep myself in check, but it’s hard, and I’m hungry. I’ve been being a lot nicer to myself, and even though I can see the effects of my late night eating on my body, it seems like no one else can. That’s no excuse, but I am hungry and I need a better solution then I’m just going to fight the hungry. I usually eat snacks between breakfast, lunch and dinner, but lately I have been skipping those snacks, because of my lack of working out. Skipping the calories doesn’t equal weight loss, it equals late night snacking for me. Back to my raw almonds, smoothies, raw veggies and baked salmon between meal. You know I’ll let you know how it plays out. 

My weight-training schedule can be intense and I know my body is missing animal protein, but my body doesn’t process animal protein well at all. I’ve tried a few different protein supplements, muscle milk hurt my stomach, whey protein hurt my stomach, and soy protein also hurt my stomach. I did a little research yesterday and found a product called egg white protein. This could work! I’m very hopeful that egg white protein will not hurt my belly since I eat eggs 5-6 times a week already. Today I’m going to go to the vitamin store and pick up some protein and some other goodies.

We already have something to talk about next week.

Ok Ok OK enough with the fitness stuff.

I found a throwback picture I wanted to post. It’s embarrassing but it’s me. We talked about fast food yesterday and I found a picture of myself eating one of my many last meals. Last meals are meals before you start your life change. When I made the decision that I was going to start exercising and eating better I always set a date for me to start, the day before that date is the best day in the world. Its last meal day, I ate everything I wanted, and the night this picture was taken, we went to 3 different fast food joints grabbing all of my favorites. I would say I don’t recommend you doing this, but hey, it worked for me. I will admit I’ve had over 50-60 last meals in my lifetime, but at least one of them stuck. 

What I am wearing!!
This is a new one. I love fashion, I have a fun fashion sense that usually makes me stand out in crowds. I’m going to post a few pictures and see if you can figure out the recurring item. 

 Are you done guessing??

I found this ring in Providence Rhode Island during a random shopping trip. I like funky jewelry that is eye catching, but still trendy and cute.I love beards, but mustaches are the style now. I wear this ring everyday, I get tons of compliments, and I wanted to share a little bit of Mary with you guys.

This has been an inspiring week. I changed the blog around and I love it. I feel a lot more connected to you guys, and I also spend a lot more time on my blog content. Thank you all for stopping by and reading my rants, dreams, and supporting all of my goals.

I’m going on a hike today. I’ll post pictures soon.

Blessings My Friends

Ms Mary