Spanex Girl

It’s Friday!!
We made it!

Squat Challenge Day 18, 5/30/13(150 Squats)
Ab Challenge Day 18 completed on 5/30/13

I had a long week, but it was worth it. Today I’m hanging out with my friend Tamara. I’m so thrilled to see her, feed her, and to get our nails done, super excited to say the least.

Since today is an easy day, and I have an early morning conference call that I have to attend, I did something a little different and a little special for all of you.

Today day is Fashion Friday!

I got up this morning around 7am and put on a fashion show in my room, taking pictures, posing, and trying to look sexy instead of tired.

Today I am showcasing some of my spandex looks.

Since I’ve always had a big booty I staid away from spandex for a while. Recently I found these super funky astrology spandex, that I purchase with the intent to only wear them around the house. I showed them to my Mother and she loved them, I showed them to my boyfriend and he requested that I wear them that day. I was super self-conscious the first time I went out in these funky threads, I got a lot of stares but even more complements. In spandex I can’t hide much, if I have a gut you can see it, if I have an unshapely butt you can see it. That was my excuse for a long time. Now that I’m up to 150 squats and 17 days on my abdominal challenge, plus interval cardio training, my body is looking pretty good, no more reason to hide. I have been wearing my spandex on a regular bases. My man loves it, I love it and I hope you all enjoy the pictures.

Have a wonderful weekend

Since the week was so stressful I was not able to take any hikes or workout in the park. I will do better next week.

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