Full Workouts

Total Body Tighten

V Day Quick Fix

Tone all of It

My First HIIT Workout


Butt Kicks


Burpees – wide leg

Burpees with push-ups and Squat

Cardio Interval


Summer Arm

Summer Arm II

Medicine ball chest flies

Medicine ball push ups

Medicine ball standing figure 8s

Medicine ball sit-ups with toss

Lower Body

No Squat lower body workout

Butt Kicks

Butt lift

Butt lift II

Work that Booty 


Walking lunges

Squat holds with toe touches

Squat holds

Front & Side kicks

Side lunge with leg lifts

Backward leg kicks

Backward leg pulses

Kneeling leg side kicks

Around the world leg circles


Side to side squats

Sumo Squats

Jump Squats

Squat Pulses


Single leg bridges

Swinging bridges

Bridge kicks

Core Workouts

Bridging Workout

Planking Workout

Ab Challenge

Standing side crunches


In Outs

Laying Leg kicks

Plank Dips

Reverse Plank leg lifts

Planks with leg lifts

Side plank with leg lifts

Plank Up Downs

Crab Walks

Turkish Get-up Prep

Russian Twist

Opposite Toe Touches

360  Planks

Plank Pikes


Sun Salutations

Tree Pose

Bed Hogger


Happy Giraffe 

Full body workouts

Standing Compound Crunches

Weight and Cardio fitness workout

Full Body workout

Isometric Exercises

Medicine Ball Full Body Tone

Quick Fix

Walkouts with Squats and push ups

Lunge Reaches

Plank Walks

Bear Walks

Standing abdominal compound crunches

Total Body Toning 

Timed Workouts

Fast Feet – 5 minute timed workout

10 minute Total Body Tone Up

Fast Feet

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