I’m Back!!!!!

Hi everyone!

Squat Challenge Day 12, 5/24/13(rest)
Squat Challenge Day 13, 5/25/13(130 Squats)
Squat Challenge Day 14, 5/26/13(135 Squats)
Squat Challenge Dy 15, 5/27/13(rest)  
Squat Challenge Day 16, 5/28/13(140)Squat 

Ab Challenge Day 12 completed on 5/24/13
Ab Challenge Day 13 completed on 5/25/13
Ab Challenge Day 14 completed on 5/26/13
Ab Challenge Day 15 completed on 5/27/13
Ab Challenge Day 16 completed on 5/28/13

It’s been a while since we’ve hung out. I have lots to talk about and lots of pictures to share. 
Sometimes 3-day weekends kick my butt, and make me less productive, but I’m not going to complain about the time off of work.

Hiking it out

I went on a Hike on Friday. It was pretty magical, walking on a dirt road with an unobstructed view of the Golden Gate Bridge in the background. I truly enjoyed my day, until I made it down the hill, to the Kirby Cove, where I found signs warning me about “raccoons” above that sign was a smaller sign warning me about  “aggressive raccoons”. I had just walked 2 miles down into this cove, all by myself without a care in the world, with only a miniature can of pepper spray tucked into my waistline for protection. With only a few more feet to go until I reached the cove,I heard something rustling in the bushes, which turned out to be nothing. The cove was super beautiful and peaceful. 2 other people showed up, but they went to the other side of the cove, giving me maximum privacy.  I couldn’t believe I was 5 minutes away from the city and 10 minutes away from my house. After spending an hour or so enjoying the peace and quiet, I made the trek up the hill heading back to my car, making sure the check behind me every 30 seconds for aggressive raccoons, looking for any mountain lion or bob cat tracks, and watching out for snakes. I must say the signs made me nervous, but I’m still happy I went on the hike. It was stunning. I will be visiting Kirby Cove again, very very very soon.

This weekend was super uneventful for me. I wanted to go miniature golfing but one of my friends wanted to come to Sausaltio and hang out. Not one to turn down a friend, I sent my boyfriend to the gym and treated my girlfriend and I to a manicure and pedicure. It was great to catch up and hang out with like-minded people. My nails look grrrrrrrreat and I’m happy I got to spend some quality time with a good friend on a long weekend.

Later on that night we headed to Los Gatos to have dinner with family. Dinner was great, very tasty Greek food, I wish I had pictures to post, but I try to keep the picture talking to a minimum around my family. They support my blog, but also want my full attention, which I can understand.

The next day I woke up ready to tackle the world and attend a few fairs. We decided to go into the city first and find some food, then come back and enjoy the festivities. First we headed the “Mission” but there was some kind of event in progess and we couldn’t find parking, we headed to the  “Castro” parked and went on the search for good food. 

If you didn’t know the Castro is the Gay part of the city. When I was in college I hung out in the Castro every day and night. It was a safe place for a single young woman, just looking to dance and have some fun, I was more than excited to revisit my old stomping grounds. Since it was a super nice day, and a holiday I was a little risky with my outfit choices. I had on flowy tan lien pants, and a green shirt that covered everything but the small of my back. I looked pretty sexy, and my butt resembled a firm round bubble. While running across the street I heard a man with the typical gay accent screaming “Dam Girl!! Whooo Hooo! BABY GOT BACK!!!” Never being one to shy away from a confrontation, after safely making it across the street, I looked up and spotted the Man at on outside bar, hanging off the balcony still making cat calls at me. I waved, did a spin and enjoyed the reaction and applause I received from him and his friends. My boyfriend just shook his head, laughed, and told me I was crazy. But I was on cloud 9. I love compliments, especially when I’m in revealing clothing. I also know that the squat challenge is doing its job, and that I’m grateful for.

Sad to say that was the highlight of my day. As soon as we started heading back to Sausalito my stomach started cramping. When we arrived home I felt as if I needed to throw up but couldn’t, and spent the rest of the day laying on the bed, pissed off that I had to miss the fairs because I was sick. I took the pink stuff, and sucked down some soda water, after a few stinky burps I was feeling better but still not 100%. We decided to grab some Chinese food for dinner, in which all I consumed was fried rice, that’s all I could get down. Good thing fried rice is one of my favorite foods.

Monday and Tuesday are sort of a blur. I did a lot of research for my life coaching certifications, worked out, read, watched the first season of the Sopranos, and took it pretty easy.

Today I want to hit it hard. I truly enjoyed working out in the park, and have decided to put on a free boot camp for Sausaltio Residents. I’m making signs to advertise the bootcamp and get my name out to the public, all this to obtain more Personal Training clients, and also get to know the neighborhood.

Hopefully i’ll have the sign created by the end of the week, I’ll share it with all of you and get some feed back.

So that’s it. Oh wait no its not

Have you ever had Korean food?? Last night we went to Brothers Restaurant on Geary Street. Korean BBQ is one of my favorite meals, from the little tasty treats they give you before hand, to healthy grilled shrimp kabobs, I was able to stay on my diet and eat very very very well. 

I will admit I feel like I’m getting a little “thick” around my midsection. I’m not sure if it’s because I’m not resting between ab workouts. I know it sounds like an excuse, but when I overwork my abdominals they swell, and usually don’t go down until I give them a 2-3 day break. Since I’m not 100% sure if its swelling or weight gain, I’m going to rev up the cardio again. My exercise bike will become my best friend, plus I am going to complete my boot camp workout a few times a week. It’s a hard workout that always shows me results. Worst case scenario, I’m gaining weight and this will help me slim down, best case scenario, my abdominals are swollen and I’m going to get even smaller. I like my chances with both scenarios, so I’m going to stay on track.

That’s it! That was my uneventful weekend. I missed you all dearly.



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