Just one more day until the weekend

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Hello Friends!

Today is going to be a good day, I can feel it in my bones.
Squat Challenge Day 10, 5/22/13(105 Squats)
Ab Challenge Day 10 completed on 5/22/13

I’m still going hard with the challenges. I completed 105 squats yesterday and it wasn’t as hard as Tuesday, maybe I’m getting stronger. Well, I actually know I’m getting stronger, a few nights ago it was my turn to “get on top” and my legs didn’t start hurting at all. I know that’s a little intimate, but its proof that my legs are defiantly getting stronger, because I can last longer. Lol.
I will admit that my stomach seems to be a little bloated. I’ve been staying on my diet, eating very clean, and very little. I got my snacking under control and added mid-morning, and mid-day snacks, so I’m not as hungry as I was last week. I also revved up on the Salmon again, since it’s one of my only sources of protein, I make sure to have at least 1-6oz piece of Salmon a day. All that said, my stomach isn’t as flat as it should be; but this time I know why. 
When I over work my abdominals they swell. I usually don’t like to take many days off when working out, when I finally give my body a break, within 2-3 days of resting, I can loose up to 2 inches off of my midsection. The Abdominal challenge is 30 days straight, and my little abs are hurting, swollen, and bloated. I can tell the challenge is working, I can see my abdominals a lot clearer the before, and my obliques look sick. Last night after admiring myself in the mirror for a while, I told my boyfriend that I think this one is going to work. I’m only on day 9, and I can see results. My abdominals feel tight and taunt, right now, as I sit and type on my computer. I think I will see the real results of this challenge a few days after my 30 day mark. 
I have another abdominal routine I would like to complete before my big trip to Canada in August. That’s the big date, August 3. My Sister, my Mother and a couple of our friends are flying in to Washington DC, to catch a buss to Toronto Canada, to go to Caribana. I want to be fit for this trip, 6 pack, toned arms, toned legs, and no worries. I’m not planning on being in the parade, but I plan on being one of the hottest women there.

Wait… Did I tell you guys about Caribana???

Here’s the scoop.

It’s going to be a blast. My last long relationship was with a man from Trinidad and Tobago. Even thought it didn’t work out, he taught me a lot about life, love, and fun. I couldn’t imagine growing up on a tropical island. Strangely my sister’s ultimate goal is to go to Trinidad and Tobago’s Carnival. I’m defiantly going with her to that one. I love to party, dress up in crazy outfits, and I love the music. I find that people from the islands are very accepting and kind, especially if you’re a dread. I’m very excited about the trip. I’ve been all around the world but I’ve never been to Canada. My Mother and Sister have never been outside of the country so I’m happy I get to share their first experience with them.

All that said….

Have you ever hear of EFT??

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) is a form of counseling intervention that draws on various theories of alternative medicine including acupuncture, neurolinguistic programming, energy medicine, and Thought Field Therapy.

It’s involves a technique called tapping. I know this sounds silly, or maybe it doesn’t, but I tried a few tapping techniques from some videos I found on Youtube, and somehow it worked. 

I have very very very bad anxiety. I worry about natural disasters, car accidents, accidentally injuries, and heart attacks. I worry about the impending death of my love ones all the time. Some times it consumes all of my thoughts, and I’m stuck in a terrible worried state, with no one to talk to. I felt alone for a long time. I tried to share my issues with my family and friends, but everyone told me to just let it go, if it was only that easy.

On the day I found the EFT video my boyfriend was sitting right besides me, the video include a simple workshop and instructed you to tap on certain areas on your body and ask the be rid of whatever is ailing you. I ask for my anxiety to be taken away. NO joke, I didn’t have any thoughts about anxiety for about a month, then one day on the way to dinner it started again. I started tapping right away, and surprisingly my significant other didn’t say a word. He didn’t make fun of me, or call me weird. He told me he wants me to go to a proper class and see if it something we could both enjoy and benefit from.

Tonight I was planning on attend my first EFT workshop. I found the group on meetup www.meetup.com, I was all set to go until I realized the meeting is in San Leandro, which is over an hour and a half away from my home. Not only is it far, but its from 7pm-9pm, which means I will be stuck in rush hour traffic and get home after 10. I have a few early session tomorrow morning and as cool as I am I don’t enjoy sitting in rush hour traffic. I did find a EFT group closer to home in Santa Rosa, I already joined their group and I plan on attending their next meeting. I also want to use this event to network, maybe snag a few clients, or make some good contacts.

EFT clams: Tapping on meridian points on the body derived from acupuncture can releases energy blockages that cause negative emotions.

It worked for me, I can’t promise anyone anything, but it definitely helps me tackle my anxiety.

That’s all that’s up with me today. I going to stick around the house. It’s a non-workout day, all I have to do is complete my challenges. I need to clean my house, top to bottom, then work on my website, and design a flyer and a shirt.

I didn’t tell everyone about exercise in the park.

It was excellent. I got outside, and pushed myself hard. I did get a few stares but they were all encouraging stares. I made friends with a few dogs and some adorable kids. I know I made a good step in the correct direction. No one came up to me to inquire about training, and I’m not surprised. I plan on showing up at different parks 1-2 times a week, working out, and being friendly. I plan on making a few shirts for me to workout in that will let people know that I am a trainer and I can help them reach their goals. I’m also going to advertise my website, and blog on the shirt, just in case somebody is to shy to come up to me, or they see me killing it from the car. I’m excited about building my platform, and I want to thank you all for supporting me from the beginning.

I really enjoy the new blog format. I feel like I’m amongst friends, I hope you enjoy the new postings. You are getting to see more of Mary, and I know that’s a blessing.

OK everyone, just one more day until the long weekend arrives. Can’t wait, can’t wait.

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