Watch those Calories

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Water Water Everywhere, so many drops to drink. 

You have to drink water. This is one of the first rules when trying to loose weight. Make sure your getting the recommended 8 glasses of water a day. A lot of people can’t seem to find the time or the inspiration to complete this simple task. Drinking a lot of water works, it gives you that “full” feeling, keeps you hydrated and makes your skin come to life. I try to drink my 8 glasses a day, it’s hard, but it’s a great habit to create and maintain. I set small goals, like trying to drink a bottle of water with every meal. I usually drink about 6-7 glasses a day, and I’m working on fitting in those last 2. My super small bladder only complicates things, it feels like I live in the bathroom. It’s annoying, but worth it, when I get the correct amount my skin glows like never before, and that alone is enough to keep me on the bottle.

Many people count tea or coffee as water, but only non-caffeinated/carbonated beverages should could towards your daily water count. There is nothing more refreshing then pure H2O, if your bored with the non-exciting version of water there are a lot of water enhancers on the market to spice it up. I’m not a fan of of these products, but a lot of people find it helps them get their recommended amount of water. Be conscious about your water in-take; actually

 go grab some water right now!