DIY Clay Jewelry Cups

Hi Friends,
I would love to say I saved the best for last, but it’s hard to top my vintage luggage chair. Todays tutorial is awesome and defiantly a close second. I found this one at A beautiful mess and one I had to try it. I remember playing with clay in high school. I was pretty sad they didn’t have any clay modeling classes at my Art School, so it’s been over 10 years since I’ve got down in dirty with a little clay, that’s 10 years too long. This project rekindled my love, I foresee lots of clay projects in my near future.
Lets jump in.
I’ve been keeping my posts short and sweet. I hope you guys like it, no time to lolly-gag on this site. lol

Clay Jewelry Holders

Skill: Beginner, kid friendly
Cost: $10 – $20
Time: 1 hour


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Colorful clay – $1.50 each pick out 3-4 colors, make sure to grab while
Small oven safe bowl – $1.49 each I purchased 4 small ceramic bowls at target 
Gold liquid gilding – $5.99
Glaze – $5.99 optional
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Preheat oven to 275 degrees F
Pick your colors, about 3-4 colors should do the trick
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Pull off a chunk of clay, you don’t need a lot
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Use palms to create snakes out of each color
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Combine smaller snakes and create one big colorful snake
Twist Twist Twist Twist
I took pictures of my first try at this project, in the video you can see I twisted a lot more than I did in these picture
Twisting creates colorful swirls
Once twist is twice its length fold snake in half and twist the two ends together
Continue to twist and roll twist and roll until you are happy with your swirls
I twisted about 4 times 
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One you’re happy with your swirls smooth the your twisted master pieces into a ball
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Using your hands, and fingers, press and flatten clay until its about 6”wide and 1/2 inch thick
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Use the top of your bowl to cut out a circle
Flip mouth of bowl over and press down firmly
Remove access clay
or use knife
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Carefully place clay into oven safe bowl push down sides and smooth with finger tips
Bake clay for 15 minutes at 275F or whatever the packaging suggests
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Remove bowl from oven and allow clay to cool for at least 5 minutes
With oven mittens turn bowl over and tap until clay dish falls out
allow to cool for another 10 minutes
Once completely cool use a small paint brush and paint the rim of your bowl gold
Allow rim to dry
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Paint entire bowl with glaze to obtain a glossy finish
**This bowl is not food safe of totally waterproof but its great for holding random rings and stud earrings
The bowl will be flimsy like hard rubber
I hope you enjoyed this week as much as I did.
Have a great weekend.

DIY Bracelet Holder

Hi Friends,

This week is shaping up to be a great one. Yesterday I shared my sick vintage luggage chair and today it’s 10 minute bracelet holders. This tutorial is super simple, even the kiddies can join in. Bottles, a little gold guiding, some tape if you want to get fancy and that’s all there is too it. I have lots of bangles and bracelets hidden around the house very random places, I have a feeling I’m not the only one with this issue.

DIY Gold Bracelet Holder

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Skill: Beginner – kid friendly
Cost: $10
Time: 20-30 minutes


Empty bottles – opt for skinner bottles $0.99 each
Liquid gilding – $5.99
Paint brush
Tape – optional
Acetone – optional
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Empty bottles and rinse out or run through dishwasher
Make sure bottle is clean and not sticky, you don’t want to attack ants
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Peel labels off all bottles
There are many ways to do this
Soak in hot water
Run through dishwasher
I used the old fashion fingernail trick
Use Acetone or goo gone to remove any glue left on bottles
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Once your bottle is clean inside and out put down an old paper bag or newspaper
it might get a little messy
I don’t suggest shaking your liquid gilding, instead use a tooth pick or paint brush to carefully mix together
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Using long strokes paint your bottle, make sure paint is even
Cover entire bottle with gold paint
Dry for 15-20 minutes
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If you want to get fancy use tape to create a fun design
Paint over tape
Allow time to fully dry, about 10 minutes
Use tweezers to remove tape

DIY Vintage Luggage Chair

Hi Friends,

Today is the day! It feels like I’m going to burst so here it goes:

My “Space Just for Me”

 Do you love it? I do!!! I created a jewelry vanity that I will also use as a desk. I hid my plans from Tony so he was surprised when he came home and saw what I created. Thank God he loved it.

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Dressing Table – $150  purchased at ikea
DIY Suitcase chair – $110
Bracelet holders -$10
Jewelry cups – $20
I spent $290 on everything
I should have repurposed an old desk that would have shaved the total price in half but I didn’t have the time or energy to do that.
The highlight is my vintage suitcase chair. I ran across a gallery of vintage chairs here and knew I could make it. The only thing I was worried about was upholstering. Since I’ve never done it and my sewing skills aren’t the best I didn’t know how it would turn out. Putting the chair together was no problem, it was done within 20 minutes. I had to make a special trip to Joann fabrics to purchased a fluffy fabric, my original fabric was too thin, you could see the green foam and it looked sloppy and loose. The fluffy fabric was super forgiving and matched perfectly with my furry rug. I even had some left over to line my desk.

Vintage Suitcase Chair

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Skill: Intermediate
Cost: $100 or less depending on how much you spend on your vintage suitcase
Time: 20 minutes
Vintage suitcase – thrift store – $30
Piece of wood that fits inside of suitcase – home depot – FREE
4 chair/stool legs and leg attachment hardware – home depot – $20
Power drill
4-5 foam squares – $8.99 each
Fluffy fabric – Joanne’s fabric – $18
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Search for a vintage suitcase in good condition
I was lucky enough to find 3 reasonably price suitcases at the first thrift store I went to. I told the employees what I was doing and talked them into giving me the suitcase for $30 it was originally $50 
Most thrift stores aren’t moving much merchandise so they are usually up to making a deals 
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Once you get your suitcase take it with you to home depot or a hardware store
Purchase a piece of wood that fits into your suitcase almost perfectly.
I found a guy that was eager to help me. I think he had a crush on me. He spent 20 minutes making sure the wood fit perfectly, then he didn’t even charge me for it, he said it was scrap wood! 
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This is also where I found the legs for my chair, there were 2 sizes and i didn’t want to make an extra trip so I purchased both, the longer legs worked better for this project 
I plan on using the shorter legs for another craft in the near future
**Make sure to remove any unneeded hardware attached to your suitcase
You can paint, stain, or draw on your legs, I decided to leave them just as I purchased them
**Make sure to buy the leg attachments it should be a silver triangle and a few screws – this is very easy to forget, I actually forgot and remember once I was in line
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Map out where you are going to place the legs, make sure it lines up with the wood
I placed my legs 1.5 inches from the frame of the suitcase 
Without the wood in suitcase drill 1 hole into leg hardware and suitcase
Remove the hardware, you will be left with a hole, this makes it easier when drilling through the wood
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Sit the suitcase up, place wood in, and hold it with left hand, use right hand to attach leg hardware to suitcase drill through the wood
As soon as you get the first screws in you shouldn’t have to hold the wood anymore
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Attach all hardware and screw in your legs to make sure your happy with the positioning
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Processed with Moldiv
Measure and cut foam so it fits snuggly into the suitcase
I cut mine about 2 inches too big
I used 3 on the bottom and 2 on the top
I plan on adding another foam cushion at a later date to make it softer
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This is my first attempt, the fabric was too thin and it made the chair look cheap 
Fluffy fabric is a lot more forgiving
Carefully cut your fabric making sure it will fit into the chair
Make it about 4 inches large width and length(wise) so you can firmly tuck in the sides
Stuff fabric between the foam and suitcase
Keep playing with the fabric until your happy with it
Now sit down and enjoy your chair
My boyfriend tried to see how far back he could lean in the chair, I freaked out and we both realized it wasn’t that kind of chair. Nothing broke or popped it is just luggage and vintage luggage at that.
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Sit back and enjoy your repurposed vintage luggage chair.
Tomorrow I’m sharing my bracelet holders. They only took 20 minutes to make and they are super cute.
Peace & Love,

Mossy Pumpkin Wreath

Hi friends,

Today we are making a mossy pumpkin wreath. Wreaths are an easy crafting project to tackle on a lazy Saturday or during the week. Why not decorate your front door with creative DIY projects? The entire neighborhood, and everyone that drives by, will get to admire your crafting skills.

I love winter squash. They are a rich source of plant based anti-inflammatory nutrients like omega 3s and beta-carotene. These nutrients strengthen the immune system, which protect the body against sickness. 
Not only are they good for you, they are festive and fun to decorate with. Every year I purchase mini pumpkins and place them throughout my house.

Pumpkins seem to turn up everywhere: pumpkin pie, pumpkin muffins, carved pumpkins, curries pumpkin, and pumpkin spiced lattes…

Adding mini pumpkins to this simple wreath makes it perfect for the beginning of this holiday season.
Let’s dive into this tutorial

Mossy Pumpkin Wreath

Cost: $20-$25

Time: 30-60 minutes

Skill level: beginner
What you need:

Medium sized stick wreath – $9.99
Clear drying glue or a glue gun – $3.99
Foam winter squash/pumpkins – $3.99 smaller ones work best for this project
Ribbon – $2.99
Moss – $4.99 
I purchased everything from Michael’s, they have some wonderful coupons that I took advantage of
Start by lining your work surface with a black garbage bag
If you check out the pictures you will notice I started gluing without lining my surface which created a huge mess on our wooden table, oh well
Glue moss onto wreath
Have fun with this part, try to leave a few sticks pointing out of the moss 

I used tacky glue, but it took longer to dry then I expected

I would use a hot glue gun next time to speed up the drying process

Allow time to dry and pre-arrange your foam winter squash before you start gluing it on your moss covered wreath

Once your happy with your lay out start gluing

A hot glue gun is needed for this step, the foam squash is light but needs to be securely held in place since it’s going to be exposed to the elements for an extended amount of time

Create a bow by cutting ribbon into a 8-10 inch strip
Fold ribbon strip in half and use fold as a guide
Glue both ends of ribbon to the middle of the strip 
Take another piece of ribbon (I cut mine in half lengthwise) and wrap it around the middle of your glued strips
It should start to look like a bow 
Fold ribbon in half horizontally and hot glue it together 
Now cut 2 strips of ribbon and glue them to the back of your bow
You just created an easy ribbon bow

Decided where you want to place your ribbon and hot glue it on to wreath
Allow wreath 10 minutes to fully set

Hang it on your door for the world to see.
How much fun was that? This tutorial is easy to follow, kid friendly and impressive. 
That’s all today folks,
Peace & Love,

How to Finger Loom

Happy Friday!!!

I’m not a parent, I don’t have any kids, so I’m not around anyone under the age of 21 on a regular basis. I said all that to explain I’m a little out of the loop when it comes to the latest fads, toys, and trends. 

I was in Maryland visiting my Father for Easter and my little cousin came over for a visit. She’s such a little cutie, I always enjoy spending time with her, watching her grow up into a beautiful young lady. Surprisingly she wasn’t consumed by an iphone, computer, or the TV, she asked me if I knew how to loom. 

When I replied “No”, I saw a little sparkle in those big beautiful brown eyes of hers. 

“Do you want to learn??” she asked eagerly. Before I could answer she grabbed her Grandmothers car keys and headed for the door, returning with a sandwich bag full of small colorful rubber bands and a huge smile on her face. 

That’s where my love affair with looming was born. I’ve heard of looming, I actually looked into looming a scarf a few weeks ago. The day after she taught me I purchased over 500 of my own colorful rubber bands and I’ve created and given away a few of my creations. 

Today I’m teaching you how to finger loom. All you need are colorful rubber bands and plastic jewelry closures. If you go to your local craft store you will probably see a looming section towards the front of the store. 

I did a little research and learned that looming was voted 2014s “Toy of the Year.” It’s the latest craz on the playground and  with kids ranging from age 8 to 13. 

Enjoy the tutorial 

How to Fishtail Finger Loom 

Get all of your supplies
small colorful bands
plastic jewelry enclosures
your 2 favorite fingers

Take your first band and make a figure 8 around 2 of your fingers

Add 2 more bands on top, these are not figure 8s

Pull the band on the bottom up and over both sides of your fingers

Put another band on your 2 fingers

Now do the same thing as in step 4 and take the bottom one and pull it over your fingers on both sides

Then put another band on and keep pulling the bottom on up and over your fingers

Every few bands added you should pull the first band

Keep doing the same thing over and over until the bracelet reaches your desired length get your clip

Instead of adding a band pull the bottom bands on top of the top bands

Add the clip to one end

Then the other end


You just created a fishtail finger loom bracelet

Give them away as friendship bracelets or keep them for yourself and wear them as cute accessories. 

Enjoy your weekend!