Summer Body Update & Apple Facts

Hi Friends,

I had a nice and relaxing weekend, now I’m ready to dig-in and have a productive week. I actually made it to my bikram yoga class this morning, and plan on going tomorrow as well. My body’s pretty tight and wasn’t very receptive to todays session hopefully tomorrow will be better. Everyday isn’t going to be my best day but that doesn’t mean I will ever stop trying.
This weekend we purchased a Nespresso and I already love it. I’m
not a huge coffee drinker but there’s nothing better than this high-tech looking machine and the cute little capsules on my counter. It’s a red kitchen aid that matches my red kitchen aid mixer, the only thing missing is my Vitamix Blender, my boyfriends sister-in-law gifted me one for Christmas but it’s stuck in Ohio. I’m hoping to get it after easter, fingers crossed.

Summer Body Update

I’ve been eating very clean these past few weeks and I can already see the difference. Stuffing my face with soft-boiled eggs, raw fruits and vegetables, lots of green tea, oatmeal, fish for protein and a little popcorn and dark chocolate at night to curb my cravings. I added kettle bells to my workout which always rips me out for the summer. I’m looking forward to my summer body, I actually can’t wait.
My workout schedule for the next few months is:
Bikram yoga 3-5 days a week
Gym cardio 2-3 days a week
Daily 100s 5-6 days a week
Kettle bells 3-4 days a week
Rest 1-2 days a week
So far, so good but that can change with the wind. I’ve been putting a lot of time in at the gym which got boring fast, so I’m switching it up. I tend to workout better at home with a few gym sessions sprinkled in. I noticed when I’m my thinnest I’m usually always hungry which is why I tend to yo-yo a bit throughout the year. The goal is to stay slim and trim instead of throwing caution to the wind but sometimes a girl gets hungry. Oh well, it is what it is, at least I know what I’m doing wrong.
I made this niffty cheat sheet on the benefits of eating an apple a day, which was this weeks nutrition challenge. I love making these fact sheets, I get to use my creativity while teaching myself about the benefits of certain foods. What’s better than that?
I’ve been doing a lot of Easter crafts which I will share with all of you later on this week and next week. I love crafting and most of my crafts are super cheap and easy enough for everyone to do them.
Peace & Love,

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