Green Tea… Drink it

Hi friends,

I’m writing this post from my deck, it’s a whopping 80 degrees in Sausalito and I’m soaking up some serious sun. We don’t have any patio furniture, so I’m doing it beach style with an oversized towel, sun block, and a big mug of iced green tea. I did a lot of research on green tea last night which convinced me to start chugging it like water. Anything with so many health benefits needs to make regular appearances in my diet.
I made this handy benefits of drinking green tea poster because I love you all!
Drink green tea
I’m spending the rest of the day doing some demos on camera! The time has come to put some serious love into my youtube channel. My ultimate goal is to become a motivational speaker, recording myself will benefit me greatly. I’m actually excited about it. Can’t wait to share some videos with you.
Enjoy your weekend!
Peace & Love,

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