Breath Deep

Hi Friends,

I made it back to San Francisco safely,  I’m so happy to be home. We got delayed in LA  where we found a restaurant called Lemonade – Seasonal Southern California Comfort Food (that’s how they describe themselves on their website). Only in LAX could you find such fresh, healthy, and delicious food. Everything was organic, there were numerous creative flavorful vegan and meat choices. What more could I ask for after a week filled of fried food and alcohol.
Sadly I’ve had a bad cough for the last 2 weeks and it’s not getting any better. I’m going to rest and recharge for the next few days.
This weeks self-improvement challenge is to take 100 deep breaths before drifting off to never never land aka sleep. Time to talk about the benefits of breathing deep.



70% of toxins are released by deep breathing

When you are afraid, stressed or nervous breathing patterns change –  purposefully concentrating on breathing deeply you instantly feel relaxed

 Deep breathing relieves emotional distress while clearing out negative and confused feelings

 Breathing is the most important act we do everyday, it’s so important it automatic

Humans cannot go 3 minutes without breathing
Scientific research proves breathing can be the secret to better health, peaceful energy and a productive mind
Our breath is linked to the autonomic nervous system
Daily breathing practices activates the parasympathetic nervous system that is associated with resting  and digesting which equals a more peaceful mind, body and soul

How to breathe deep

Slowly inhale through nose
Expand stomach
Fill chest
Slowly Exhale
Releasing toxins and negative energy
Peace & Love,

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