Travel Day!

What can I say… It’s a travel day I love travel  days. There’s nothing better, to me, then getting up early, heading to the airport, checking bags, going through security, and boarding your flight. I love all of it. I don’t even mind the long flights since I know when I deplane I’ll be in a different place. I’m not jumping up and down for joy but I really don’t mind sitting on a plane for hours at a time. Writing that seemed weird but its true. I tend to get some of my best work done while on a plane heading to my next destination. I’m lucky enough to travel 6-8 months out of the year, stay in beautiful hotels and explore different cities, check out different fitness communities and eat like a fat girl ( which I totally am). #ilovetotravel #NOLA

These are my traveling shoes, 3 inch Aldo heels, they don’t hurt, they are not as comfortable as some of my shorter heels but like I told all of you earlier this week, I’m changing up my style.
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Yesterday I got my nails done, what do you think? I love them, even the boyfriend noticed, he said he loves when I get funky designs on my nails. Oh man he’s a keeper!
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This is the 3rd wedding I’ll be attending with the boyfriend, luckily we only have one more at the end of the year. Weddings are touching, special and a blast, the last few weddings have been black tie which means I get to rent a beautiful gown from rent the runway. I rented 2 because this girl needs options, both are royal blue, one has 2 splits that expose your legs and looks like the perfect mix of sexy and sophisticated, the other dress is lacy simple. I’m hoping the dress with the splits looks the best, the boyfriend will pick, cross your fingers he loves the splits.
As soon as we touch down we are checking into our hotel, the Saint, centrally located on Canal in the French Quarter, 2 blocks from Bourbon street. I’ve been to NOLA 5 or 6 times and have always wanted to stay at the Saint, it’s a modern styled hotel, with funky accents.  After a quick shower we are heading to dinner with the happy couple. I’m always honored when married folks make time for us during their wedding weekend. With all of the family obligation, last-minute details and overwhelming stress most people don’t have the time or energy to socialize. Luckily we are huge fans bride and groom and they seem to like us back.
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My layover was LAX
I think my new style is working, everyone was staring at me trying to figure out if I was famous, at least that’s why I hope they were staring. lol #lax #lookatme
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Delta gave out free clean snacks!!! Did I say FREE??? It was tasty
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I think someone told them about this weeks Nutrition Challenge
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Just me acting silly, like usual
I’ll be sharing NOLA pics soon.
Peace & Love,

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