The Next Step

Hi Friends,
All of my late nights are finally catching up with me. I purposely slept-in today and freaking loved it. I got my workout on, serious style, with 31 (yes I said 31 :)) minutes on the stair master then a 700 calorie, interval fat blasting cardio session on the AMT Precore. After the gym I headed to my favorite lunch restaurant and enjoy a perfectly grilled piece of black cod over mixed greens. It’s been my lunch of choice for the past 6 months, but sadly I reached my fill of it today. Oh well, nothing lasts forever. I will have to find another healthy lunch option to enjoy.

I worked for a few hours, then treated myself to the best Thai massage I’ve ever had. The therapist took off my shirt and went to work pushing, pulling, cracking and massaging my entire body. I was in heaven for a full 90 minutes, I almost cried when I realized it was over. On the way out the owner informed me that my next massage will be free, WooHoo

I spent the rest of the night hanging out with the boyfriend, watching Sports Center and doing things to make each other laugh. I’ve been staying up super late the past few weeks and believe the blog is getting better and better for it, but I’m freaking exhausted. Good thing we are heading to Fort Lauderdale in a few days. We were supposed to go to Miami, but certain circumstances diverted the trip to Fort Lauderdale and I’m happy about it. I love Miami but it defiantly a ‘scene’, everyone is cool, in style, in shape and ready to party at the drop of a dime. Not that I don’t love that sort of thing, but I really want to lay on the beach, work, study, and recharge, not worrying about the extra inch covering my mid-section or a strange guy approaching me on the beach.

I’ve been doing a lot of contemplating lately. I’m all about direction, identifying my goals and doing whatever it takes to reach them. Evolve with Mary has monopolized most of my time which was fine up until a few weeks ago. My ultimate goal is to become a Certified Life Coach and Motivational Speaker. I’ve been studying for an advanced personal training certification that I have to pass as a prerequisites to obtain Wellness Coaching Certification. I realized this is not where my heart is, I really want to be a life coach, learn life coaching techniques and mix my newly found knowledge with my own story.

I’m going to continue to study for this personal training certification but opt out of the wellness coaching and go straight into my Life Coaching program. I’ve been putting it off because the Life Coaching program costs a lot more but it’s really what I want.

What do you think?
What certification would you get?
Have you ever been to Florida?

Peace & Love,


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