Kale is my Superhero

Happy Friday

What a week! I’ve been working like crazy building my social media presents, commenting on blogs, participating in forums and all that good stuff. It’s been very very time consuming yet it’s paying off. I’ve neglected the boyfriend this week and promised to make it up to I’m by participating in our annual Friday night Date night. I’m really looking forward to hanging out with him.

I hope all of you enjoyed Kale Week, I know I did. I’ve never ate so much kale in my life and I actually liked it. There is no reason not to consume this super food daily, especially since it’s in season.

I’m closing out Kale week with a cool cheat sheet

use and share this handy reference with love!

I went to The Art Institute of California – SF and majored in graphic design. Sadly I couldn’t afford to finish but I did obtain some extremely impressive skills. These skills help me with my blog and other social media platforms. I usually keep it simple making sure not to exhaust my time for little reward, but today I really wanted to put a Superhero cape on my Kale. It took about an hour and it was worth it! So freakin’ cute! 

What are your favorite Kale recipes?

What are you doing this weekend?

How often do you eat kale? 

Peace & Love, 


4 thoughts on “Kale is my Superhero

  1. Lisa Kaye says:

    I love kale in my morning smoothies. I usually throw in a banana, an apple, some kale and spinach leaves, some flax seed (for omega 3’s) and some vanilla protein powder. Yum! And it keeps me energized all morning.

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