Challenge Monday

Fitness Challenge

Total Body Tighten Workout

Challenge Synopsis

  • Complete my Total Body Tighten Workout 5-6 days this week

Why Why Why 

  • This workout is designed with basic exercises that challenge your entire body and get your heart pumpin’
  • I did this workout everyday last week and it is challenging, I felt like a stud when the week was over
  • Time to get ready for summer…


  • Just yourself


Complete 4 sets of each exercises

Compound Crunches – 12 reps

Bridges – 12 reps

Squats – 25 reps

Push Ups – 25 reps

Sumo Squats – 25 reps

Bridge Kicks – 15 reps

Bridge Swings – 15 reps

My Take

OMG I LOVE this workout and my new format. I usually highlight one exercise a week, but you can’t reach your weight loss goals with just one exercise. It’s 2015 and Mary is actually EVOLVING!!! Hope you like it. 

Nutrition Challenge

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Challenge Synopsis

  • I challenge you to eat as much kale as you can possibly stand everyday this week 

Why Why Why

  • Kale is a Super food – one of the healthiest vegetables you can put on your plate
  • One serving of kale has twice the recommended daily intake of vitamin A
  • One serving of kale provides the entire days worth of vitamin C
  • One serving of kale provides about 7 times the recommended amount if vitamin K  
  • Kale provides a healthy does of fatty acids and minerals


  • Kale…. Kale… And more Kale


  • Consume as much Kale as possible over the next 7 days 
  • Add Kale to smoothies, pasta and soup
  • Eat kale raw, braised or steamed
  • I will be posting Kale recipes all week long, so get ready! 
  • If you can’t wait check out this kale balls recipe they are delicious 

My Take

Kale is a serious superfood and I want to be super. Not much more to explain about that. 

Self Improvement Challenge

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Challenge Synopsis

  • I challenge you to sing your favorite song everyday this week (preferably at the top of your lungs)

Why Why Why

  • When you sing the musical vibrations alter you physically and emotionally
  • Endorphins are released by singing, which makes you feel very very good
  • Oxytocin is also released during singing which can alleviate anxiety, stress, and symptoms associated with depression and loneliness
  • Singing regularly can improve your quality of life


  • You 
  • The lyrics to your favorite song, which you should know by heart


  • Sing your favorite song everyday this week 
  • Get loud and silly with it

My Take

I’m a  sing a the top of your lungs in the car type of chick. Lately I’ve been pumping Nicki Minaj’s new CD and loving it!!! I don’t need an excuse to sing everyday but I’m still excited about the challenge.

Peace & Love, 


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