Spooky Candle Holders

Hi Friends,

I hope you are enjoying craft week as much as I am. If you have been following my blog for a while you know the crayon wax technique. It’s relatively easy to create while looking and feeling like something you would splurge on in the store.

I have mason jars hanging around the house and thought I would melt some black crayons on the outside of the jar to create a spooky candle holder or flower vase. Adding the twine and making a noose like handle keeps the spooky Halloween theme alive.

The crafts will be getting more advanced as the week continues, this one is simple, the kids or husband can join in on the fun.

Spooky Candle Holder

Cost: $15-$20
Time: 20-30 minutes
Skill lever: Beginner

What you need:
Black, Purple, Sliver crayons – $3.99
2 Small Mouth Mason Jars –  $1.50 each
Blow drier or embossing tool – FREE
Twine – $2.99


Start by lining your work surface with a large garbage bag

Melt crayons spraying wax over bottle by holding blow drier 2-3 inches away from mouth of mason jar 
As crayon melts make sure to move it around covering the entire bottle in wax
Continue add new crayons colors melting wax all over bottle top
Layer your colors
I went purple, black then silver
Allow 5 minutes to fully dry

Follow these directions to create 2 nooses out of twine to hang your bottles

Add some candles or a few flowers and Enjoy

That’s all today folk’s 

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