Mossy Pumpkin Wreath

Hi friends,

Today we are making a mossy pumpkin wreath. Wreaths are an easy crafting project to tackle on a lazy Saturday or during the week. Why not decorate your front door with creative DIY projects? The entire neighborhood, and everyone that drives by, will get to admire your crafting skills.

I love winter squash. They are a rich source of plant based anti-inflammatory nutrients like omega 3s and beta-carotene. These nutrients strengthen the immune system, which protect the body against sickness. 
Not only are they good for you, they are festive and fun to decorate with. Every year I purchase mini pumpkins and place them throughout my house.

Pumpkins seem to turn up everywhere: pumpkin pie, pumpkin muffins, carved pumpkins, curries pumpkin, and pumpkin spiced lattes…

Adding mini pumpkins to this simple wreath makes it perfect for the beginning of this holiday season.
Let’s dive into this tutorial

Mossy Pumpkin Wreath

Cost: $20-$25

Time: 30-60 minutes

Skill level: beginner
What you need:

Medium sized stick wreath – $9.99
Clear drying glue or a glue gun – $3.99
Foam winter squash/pumpkins – $3.99 smaller ones work best for this project
Ribbon – $2.99
Moss – $4.99 
I purchased everything from Michael’s, they have some wonderful coupons that I took advantage of
Start by lining your work surface with a black garbage bag
If you check out the pictures you will notice I started gluing without lining my surface which created a huge mess on our wooden table, oh well
Glue moss onto wreath
Have fun with this part, try to leave a few sticks pointing out of the moss 

I used tacky glue, but it took longer to dry then I expected

I would use a hot glue gun next time to speed up the drying process

Allow time to dry and pre-arrange your foam winter squash before you start gluing it on your moss covered wreath

Once your happy with your lay out start gluing

A hot glue gun is needed for this step, the foam squash is light but needs to be securely held in place since it’s going to be exposed to the elements for an extended amount of time

Create a bow by cutting ribbon into a 8-10 inch strip
Fold ribbon strip in half and use fold as a guide
Glue both ends of ribbon to the middle of the strip 
Take another piece of ribbon (I cut mine in half lengthwise) and wrap it around the middle of your glued strips
It should start to look like a bow 
Fold ribbon in half horizontally and hot glue it together 
Now cut 2 strips of ribbon and glue them to the back of your bow
You just created an easy ribbon bow

Decided where you want to place your ribbon and hot glue it on to wreath
Allow wreath 10 minutes to fully set

Hang it on your door for the world to see.
How much fun was that? This tutorial is easy to follow, kid friendly and impressive. 
That’s all today folks,
Peace & Love,

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