DIY Weaving T-Shirt

Hi Friends!

It’s Friday and I’m feeling great. I’ve been washing and cleaning the house like a mad woman, that’s what you get when you leave for 3 weeks. There are dust bunnies everywhere. Ugh

Let’s throw some DIY fun into the mix. I have a closet full of T-shirts that I plan on cutting up. A few were too cute to pass up, some I  outgrew. Today we are addressing this problem. My favorite shirt has a peanut butter and jelly sandwich on the front of it. I brought it at a skate shop that was going out of sale. The shirt does nothing for my figure, but we can change that with a few simple, or not so simple, cuts. 

I found this tutorial at and I had to try.

DIY Double Weaving T-shirt 

Step 1
Draw horizontal Lines on the back of the shirt using a ruler all the way to the bottom of the shirt

Step 2
Draw to vertical lines down center of the shirt

Step 3
Draw a horizontal lines on center of shirt

Step 4
Cut the first horizontal lines to the first centerlines on both sides of shirt

Step 5
Cut the center lines

Step 6
Stretch shirt, pulling sides 

Step 7
Braid center strips
Take second strip loop under first strip and pullover do this all the way to the bottom of the shirt

Step 8
Use a needle and thread to secure the end trim excess fabric

Step 9
Cut neckline, stretch it

Step 10
Cut sleeves and stretch them

Wear your shirt with pride! 

I also found a few other projects I’m dying to complete.  I’ll keep you guys updated on my upcoming projects. 

Do you remember this trench coat from kill bill? I do and I want it now! I’m going to start looking for a trench coat, get it fitted to my liking, then I’ll try not to ruin it by drawing all over it. This girl makes everything look so simple.


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