DIY Nails

Last week I got a migraine that lingered for a few days and was unable to post on Friday 😦  

I like to keep it light on Fridays and this one is no different.

I can’t really afford to get my nails done anymore. I’m fine with the sacrifice, I’ve been getting my nails done, on and off, for the last 10 years. 

Just because I can’t go to the nail salon doesn’t mean I can’t have beautifully designed nails on the reg 

I look at nail tutorials on Instagram all the time, snapshot(ing) my favorite designs to try.

I figured I should share these step by step directions with all of you.

Most designs can be accomplished with a few extra tools. I went to Sally’s beauty supply and purchased a pack of doters for $5.99 and a pack of thin paint brushes for $3.99. That’s all you need to accomplish these creative designs, that and a great top coat.

I hope you try a few of these tutorials, they are much easier then they look.

I like this design but I don’t like the color, I think I’ll try this with a pretty pastel pink 
Found on Instagram @fashionpop_101

This design looks hard but with a few different sized dotting tool and some patience you can create a nail masterpiece
Found on Instagram @itreyalessandra

Sexy leopard spots, I think I can give this one a try
Found on Instagram @wackylaki

How cute are these watermelon nails? I want I want I want. I’m going to try this design tomorrow 

Found on Instagram @thesammersaurus

I like plaid, this design is looks simple enough, I don’t like the gold color, I think pastel blue would look a lot better
Found on Instagram @msnaildecor

I love this idea, I actually tried it today. My nails came out great, and it only took 20 minutes, start to finish 

Found on Instagram @minervasworld

Drip drip dip??? YES YES YES
Found on Instagram @coilsandacrylic

That’s all folks!
Enjoy your weekend

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