4th of July Crafts

Happy Thursday Friends!

One more day and it’s Friday baby! I can’t believe the 4th of July is tomorrow. Do you have any fun things planned? I have a gut feeling that this year will be an 4th of July weekend since a lot of people work on Fridays.

My bestie took the day off just for me. 🙂 We are going to meet up early Friday morning for brunch, go on a quick hike to catch up and get in touch with Mother Nature, then we’re getting Thai Massages. After all that, we plan on bar and restaurant hopping until it’s firework time. Sausalito is centrally located so we can watch 2 sets of fireworks, fireworks in San Francisco and San Rafael.

I want to decorate the house with 4th of July themed DIY crafts, and I’m letting all of you in on my fun. 

All crafts are quick, easy, cheap, and kid/boyfriend friendly


4th of July Crayon Art Poster

What you need:
Hot glue gun
Black Marker
Blow dryer or Embossing Heat gun

Write out Happy 4th of July with a pencil, keep working on it until your happy with your design
When you happy use the black marker to finalize your design
Cut crayons in half
Create a star like shape with crayons and glue onto canvas
Carefully melt each crayon creating an firework design
Allow to dry, hang and enjoy
Mason Jar Lights

4 Mason Jars or water bottle
10-20 red whit and blue, glow sticks depending on how many lights you want to create
I found glow sticks at 99 cent store 

When you are ready for your Mason Jar Lights break your glow sticks, shake them to activate the lights. 

Stuff 3-6 glow sticks to each jar
Close jar and place them around the your deck or yard

4th of July Wreath

What you need:
Red, White, Blue, construction paper
Hot glue

Create 4 equally sized squares out of the red, white, and blue construction paper

Glue left and bottom edge of squares together creating a cone shape
You do not have to be perfect with the glue gun
All of your mistakes will be conveniently covered

Once all cones are made cut a small circle of cardboard and glue cones to cardboard

Cut small star out of left over consturction paper and glue it to the front of the wreath where the cones meet

Create a handle with ribbon 

That’s all today folks

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