Lets Make A Kite!

Lets Go Fly a Kite
Up to the Highest Height
Lets Go Fly a Kite and Send it Soaring
UP in the atmosphere
UP where the air is clear
Lets Go Flyyyyyy
Fly a Kite!!!

I loved Mary Poppin’s growing up, what’s not to love, her name says it all! That love was rekindled once I watched “Saving Mr. Banks.” I also love flying kites, it gives me a sense of pride and accomplishment once I get my  kite up in the air. Growing up, I even remember ‘Kite Day’ at my elementary school. I’m pretty sure schools don’t do that anymore, but they should. 

This week self improvement challenge was to fly a kite. 

Today I’m going to teach you how to make a kites. Kites can run anywhere from 99 cents -$100.00. I’m a DIY girl so it’s only natural I try my hand at making my own kite. I got all of my supplies at the 99cent store

If you try this tutorial let me know. I would love to see some pictures

Traditional Diamond Kite

Materials Needed:
Construction Paper
Pipe Cleaners or sticks, wooden bbq skewers also work
Color pencils/markers optional
Tape optional

1. Get construction paper to form the body of your kite

  • If you have to tape 4 pieces of paper together make sure to securely tape them or your kite will not fly

2. Cut a diamond

  • Diamond needs to be a slightly bottom heavy
  • Your left and right corners should be around 3inches from the top

3. Tie 2 sticks together 

  • Line them up with paper 
  • Make the tie as tight as possible *It must be secure or your kite will not fly
  • Knot string and cut any excess string

4. Make 4 small holes in the diamond shaped paper at each corner

  • Thread string through each hole and around each stick
  • Leave a little extra string at the top to thread a ribbon on optional
  • Knot the stick in place to the kite itself

5. Tie a string to the right and left sides of the horizontal stick

6. Tie string to the center of that string for your flying line

  • This string needs to be as long as you need for flying 

7. Tie on paper or ribbon to the corners to form the tail

Your Done!!! Now go fly your kite!!!

How to fly a kite:
Fine a breeze or some light wind
Wind should be coming towards you not from behind

It only took me 10 minutes to make this kite. I won’t know until tomorrow if it flies or not. I’ll post pictures no matter what!



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