All About Eggs

We will be talking about eggs for the next 2 days! 
Egg myth, facts, nutritional value, and healthy recipes.

Monday’s nutrition challenge was to add more eggs to your diet. If you know me, you know I’m not just going to tell you to do something without educating you on the benefits and drawbacks.   

I have always had a love affair with eggs. I’ve eaten them regularly since I was a teenager. Eggs are cheap, tasty, nutritious, and easy to cook. I ate eggs almost everyday when I was over weight and I still eat them everyday now that I am at a healthy weight. When I was overweight I enjoyed cheesy scrambled eggs, egg salad, and deviled eggs. Now I enjoy a healthier lifestyle I eat my eggs mostly boiled and poached. 

Lets start knocking out some age old myths about eggs

Debunking Egg Myths
**Isn’t debunking a fun word

Eating eggs raises your cholesterol 
A single medium sized egg contains 186mg of cholesterol – 62% of the recommended daily intake. Eggs contain dietary cholesterol which does not have a big effect on the cholesterol circulating in your blood stream. Eggs are full of “good” cholesterol
You should only eat egg whites
Yes, egg whites are cholesterol free but there are tons of vitamins and nutrients packed in the egg yolk

Egg yolks are the devil
Egg yolks are packed with vitamins, minerals, calories, nutrients, as well as “good” cholesterol
Egg yolks are far from being the the devil

You shouldn’t eat eggs everyday
Eggs are known as the worlds perfect food. They are a great source of high quality protein, numerous studies have proven that cholesterol from food sources has little effects on the levels in your blood. Studies have also proved eating 2 eggs daily has no adverse effect on an healthy adult  

That was fun! At one time I believed all these “myths” were true. I keep boiled eggs in my refrigerator for a healthy snack, extra protein for breakfast, or for my salads. I’ve never shyed away from egg yolk, it’s my favorite part of the egg. Egg whites are pretty much tasteless to me, all the flavor is in the yolk.

Nutritional Value Of Eggs 

I had no idea that eggs contained so much good stuff. 
 I’m going to end this posting with a few fun random egg facts.

Fun Random Egg Facts

Eggs are laid by female animals of many different species, including birds, reptiles, amphibians, and fish

Eggs have been eaten by humans for thousands of years 

Worldwide, around 1.2 trillion eggs are produced for eating every year

The average person consumes 173 eggs a year

The brown or white color of an egg shell is only dependent on the breed of the hen
-White eggs are the color preferred in most of the US
-Brown eggs are the color preferred in UK   

An eggs shell is made of calcium carbonate, which is also the main ingredient in some antacids

The color of an egg yolk is determined by the hen’s diet
– The more yellow and orange yolks are produced by a grain feed diet
– The pink or iridescent egg whites indicate spoilage and these eggs should not be consumed

That’s all today folks

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