Fun Easter Egg Designs

Today is all about dying easter eggs. I’ve been using the same dyes all of my life, but this year I couldn’t find my favorite dying kits. I got to thinking about creative ways to decorate eggs and this blog post was born. I spent a few hours experimenting with different techniques and I’m sharing my favorites. 

Chicken Heads
Orange Construction Papper
Black permeant marker
Yellow feather
Glue gun/ rubber cement/ clear drying glue

Dye eggs yellow and allow to dry
Cut diamond shape out of orange construction paper

Hot glue it to middle of egg like a beak

Make 2 eyes with black permeant marker

Glue feathers in top of egg as hair 

Doodle Eggs

Grab a black permeant marker and go crazy

Rubber Cement Eggs
4-5 different color egg dyes
Rubber cement

Drizzle rubber cement over eggs and allow to dry

Drop in egg dye and let sit for 2-3 minutes

Remove and allow to dry
Rub off rubber cement 
Repeat this process until your happy with your egg

Natural Dyes

Why should I place my unfertilized organic eggs in a dying chemical when there are plenty of natural dyes all around us

I had all the ingredients in my kitchen already

Blue/purple – Blueberries
Red – Beets
Yellow – Turmeric
Green – Pureed spinach 

Boil eggs in same pot as dying agents

I boiled my produce then placed them in bowls with boiled eggs

Whatever method you decide on natural dying is easy, healthy, and environmentally friendly

That’s all today Folks!

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