Who Needs Power Anyway

Hi friends
I had a glarous time in South Lake Tahoe. We got about 5 inches of snow, it felt like a movie. I will defiantly be back next year to take some snowboarding lessons. I had a blast.

This afternoon there was an explosion so powerful it blew out all of the windows in a few of the surrounding houses. Luckily our house was fine, other than a few pictures that fell off the walls. Lightening struck a transponder and fried power lines effecting 10 houses in my neighborhood. 
You guessed it, I have NO power. I was planing on pulling an all-nighter tonight, working on my website, doing some online marketing, and pre-writing my weekly blog postings, but to no avail. 

PG&E promptly informed me that the power will be out for at least 5-6 hours. They have to replace the power lines in the ground to get us back up and running. 
All that to say sorry there are  no fun whole wheat recipes, fitness facts, or important health tips today.  The boyfriend and I are staying in San Francisco tonight. 
I’ll talk to ya’ll tomorrow,
Blessings Friends 

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