Hot Yoga in NY

I’m in New York and I’m loving it.

Travel outfit

We arrived last night around 8pm, after settling into our hotel we had dinner at an expensive but tasty Chinese Restaurant. 
This morning I got up bright and early and hit a Bikram Hot Yoga class. If you have been following my blog for a while you know I swear by this type of yoga, but it isn’t for everyone. 
On My Way to Hot Yoga Baby 

The room is heated to 105 degrees with 40% humidity, you complete the  same 26 poses (13 standing, 13 laying) in the same order every class, it’s a 90 minutes torture session that I love.  
The heat and humidity make you sweat like your in a sauna, you are able to stretch more because your muscles and joints are loose and warm. On top of all that my skin always tightens up after a class, who doesn’t need an instant body lift. You also look a little slimmer because of all the sweating that takes place and my face glows.
When your done you feel like a wet towel that’s been rung out in every direction. 
Check out the Studio 

Fake grass to play with once you remove your shoes 

They have a chalk board where you can write positive stuff, you know I love that kind of stuff 

This was my first Bikram yoga class outside of California. I enjoyed myself, the teacher, the students, but I enjoyed the studio more then anything. 
I’ve never been in such a posh Bikram yoga studio, they usually smell like funky sweat and some studio can be cult like, but not this one. I am in the heart if Manhattan and I felt welcomed and cherished. 
On top of all that class was only 10 bucks!! All drop in classes in the Bay Area start at $20 and go up from there. I think I got a special deal because it was a week day. Whatever the reason the price made the class that much better. 
If your ever in the area you should defiantly check out Bikram Herald Square. You won’t be disappointed. 
After class I had turmeric drink, not tasty, but great for you 

After that taxing/energizing workout I came back to the hotel, shower changes and now we are out and about heading towards the East Village for some good eats.
I’ll be in touch!
Blessing friends 
Check out

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