How to Get Back On Track After Screwing Over Your Diet

It happens to all of us, even me. You get through a few days or the few weeks of healthy eating, you’re proud of yourself, you feel strong, healthy, and on your way to that dream body you have always longed for. You feel like this is it, it’s going to work this time, I’m going to really make a change. 

Then you smell a freshly baked treat or your friends order fries your favorite, and you just can’t resist partaking in a fatty greasy FREE meal at home, work or friends house. 
The damage is done, you already fell off the wagon, the question is… What Now?  You already ate the bad food, you already feel horrible about it, what do you do to get yourself back on the right track before you give up, throw your hands up and say… FUCK IT!!!

How To Get Back on Track After Screwing Up your Diet

This situation happens to the best of us, from the lazy 300+ pounder to the fit 10% body fat triathlete. We are all human and humans are weak which can leads to bad food slip-ups.
I have bad food slip-ups at least once every two weeks, if not every week. Many people have asked me what keeps me going, what keeps me motivated, what do I do when I fall off the wagon and devour the worst food imaginable???
Keeping it 100% real with  you, nothing happens. I get a little disappointed with myself and than I keep moving forward, I know moving forward is the only thing that’s going to keep me sane and in-shape. 
As much as I would like for everyone to be like me and let your failures roll off of your back like water on a crocodile, some people are a lot more sensitive I am. They can’t just say, oh well… Some, if not most, are devastated with any set back that may come. 
Do’s & Don’t to keep in mind after you fall off the wagon

Cut out sugar for the next 24 hours and eat “clean” 
Less sugar + Less Salt + Less Fat = Clean Eating / Diet Reset
Eat good sources of protein and fiber (whole foods) with every meal
These foods help slow digestion and keep insulin levels level
Happy Insulin = Minimal Food Cravings  
Exercise helps clam us down and suppresses the stress hormones that causes our “junk food” cravings 

Adequate sleep, at least 7-8 hours of sleep a night, ensures our *leptin and **ghrelin hormones stay level. When these chemicals are well maintained it keeps our cravings to a minimum. 
*leptin is the hormone that tells us we are full
**Ghrelin is the hormone that tells us we are hungry 
Have breakfast
Even if you wake up feeling guilty, full, and sluggish from over eating the night before, force yourself to eat breakfast. Eating breakfast resets your body and gets your metabolism going, which helps  you set the tone mentally for a regular eating day 

Drinking water helps you feel full so you won’t be as tempted to overeat

Have a filling salad for lunch
The water in vegetables will help hydrate you and take away that “food hangover” feeling

Eat an afternoon snack
A handful of almonds, a piece of fruit, or a smoothie will work
Its important to keep your metabolism going so you don’t suddenly crash and overeat again

Cook Dinner at home
Broiled fish or meat, roasted veggies, whole grains like Faro and Barley
These foods will give you the nutrients you need without all the processed gunk, that only bloats you anyways. Re-boot your body with some home cooking. 

Starving yourself puts your body into starvation mode which activates stress hormones and puts you in a state of inflammation. It also disrupts your normal metabolism and minimizes calories spent
Calories Spent = More Food Stored = Bad Idea
Do a juice Cleanse
Your body needs more then juice after a day of bad eating
Stick with healthy clean foods to reset your diet. 

Beat yourself up
Ok Ok Ok… You fell off the wagon, that doesn’t mean your the worst person in the world, you’re not fat, worthless, weak, or a failure. You are H-U-M-A-N. Lets say that together out loud: I AM HUMAN… MY FAILURES DO NOT DICTATE MY FUTURE… I AM IN CONTROL

I’ve done this 1 million times, I don’t stay on my diet, so instead of jumping back on the bandwagon, I decided to give up. 
This is a trap, don’t quit, keep moving forward
Your set back is just a set up for success. 
Now go kick your diets booty!!!
I am so sorry that this posting is coming in a little late. I’m on my way to NY, heading to the Superbowl. I believe I’m somewhere over Texas as I type right now. 🙂
I’ll be blogging from NYthe rest of the week 
That’s all today friends
Have a wonderful Hump Day 
Michelle Davenport – a SF based nutritionist 

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