Challenge Monday

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Today is the first day of the rest of your life, make it count.

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Challenge Monday

Fitness Challenge 

I feel like I went pretty easy on you guys in this category last week. Squats are annoying but they won’t make you loose your breath, unless you are super-setting. This week it’s time to pick up the pace and get back to the basics. Cardio! You have to burn fat to loose fat.

We are taking it back old school, recess in the school yard, sassy songs passed down from older kids… Do you know where I’m going with this?? I’m talking about good old fashion jump roping.

Jumping rope was one of my favorite ways to past time when I was younger. Who knew that jumping for 20 minutes could burn up to 220 calories? You don’t need to purchase expensive equipment.

All you need is some reliable tennis shoes, a good jump rope, space, and patience.

Jumping rope is an high intensity workout. Take it seriously and don’t be too hard on yourself when you can’t last long.

A few months ago I started jumping rope and I was pretty disappointed with myself when I couldn’t jump for longer then 3 minutes at a time. After some research I learned that was pretty good for a beginner. It took me a few months to get my time up to 5 minutes without stopping.

Because I love you guys I’m going to make this a gradual climb. Lets start with:

Jump Rope everyday for 5 days
Try to jump in 30 second intervals for 2 minutes 
That’s all you have to do this week

It sounds easy enough.

I’m going to start building routines out of the challenge Mondays exercises. Just because we are starting slow doesn’t mean it’s going to stay that way.

My main goal is to get you all used to exercising on a daily bases. In a few months you will be completing supersets and complexed exercises. If you take it slow, you can improve at a faster rate. It’s the people that jump in head first that end up quitting before they start. We are setting ourselves up for success.

***Do at your own risk!!! Only work to your comfort level. Any pain is bad pain. Be careful not to over exert you back during this exercise.

Nutrition Challenge

Last weeks challenge was actually hard for me. I eat a lot of fruit, but I noticed I don’t always eat fruit everyday. This week I pushed myself to consume fruit even when I didn’t want it. I am proud of myself and plan on keeping up the habit of daily fruit intake.

This week….
We are going to stay on the fruit track and add to it.

I challenge you to consume 1 piece of fruit and 1 serving of vegetable everyday this week.

Why is it important to eat your vegetables?
People that eat more veggies are likely to have a reduce risk in some chronic diseases like:
-heart disease
-heart attack
-certain types of cancer
-type 2 diabetes
-lower blood pressure
-reduce the development of kidney stones
-help decrease bone loss
-help lower calorie intake

Vegetable Facts
Most vegetables are low in fat and calories and none have cholesterol, they are an important source of potassium, dietary fiber, foliate (folic acid)

Tips to Eat More Vegetables

Breakfast is the perfect time to get an extra fruit or vegetable serving for a day. Adding fruit to your oatmeal, or make a smoothie with kale and spinach

Double the amount of vegetables called for in the original recipes in soups, salads, pastas, sandwiches, pizza, stews, and casseroles

Say yes to salads

Change your snacking to vegetable snacking

Invest in dried vegetables

Try a vegetable you have never tried before

Just eat more green stuff. 

Self Improvement Challenge 

I hope you enjoyed lasts weeks challenge about Positive Affirmations. I know I did. 

This week
I challenge you to face your fears and learn from your failures

This is something you have to constantly work on, but why not start this week. 

You only fail when you don’t make the best out of adversity. When something doesn’t go the way we would like it to, there is something to be learned from that. It can be applied next time you are in a similar situation. Get up and try again. 

Stop telling yourself you can’t reach your goals, dreams, and aspirations, it’s up to you to believe in yourself. 

Stop being terrified of failure. You are going to fail sometimes, its a fact of life, you have to look at failure are a positive. 

-Take out a sheet of paper
-Jot down 5 goals (they can be big or small, just make sure they are realistic and obtainable) 
-Make a road map to how to reach those goals
-Go for it! Start  moving forward now in the correct direction

One of my biggest goals is to become a popular blogger, motivational speaker, published author, and motivational coach to obese teens. 

Everyday I work towards those goals by:
-Posting blog entrys daily
-Writing and practicing my motivational speech weekly
-Editing my book and working on my book proposal

Its been a long journey for me and I’m not close to being done. I have failed at all of these things recently. 

-My blog doesn’t get as many hits as I would like it to, but that doesn’t discourage me, I’ve been blogging for the last 8 months, and I’ve seen my readership slowly grown. I could have given up by now, sometimes blogging feels like a full time job, but I’m not ever going to stop. I will constantly come up with fun topics to write about until one day the world knows who I am.

I was supposed to set up some speaking arrangements 6 months ago, and I have yet to do that. Instead of getting down on myself, I continue to practice my speech. The day I finally grow a pair will be the day I let my failures be my success.

I sent a few book proposals to a few publishers last year and didn’t receive great response. Instead of killing my dreams of being a published author, I purchased books on how to get published and how to write a book proposal. I am currently re-writing my book proposal and I have a list of editors and agents I am going to send it to this spring.   

I’m going to reach my dreams and goals or die trying. 

Failure is just a bump on the road map to success.

That’s it today folks
Blessings my friends

Coming soon..
Natural Beauty Tips

Quick, Healthy, Dairy Free, Gluten free Chicken Noodle Soup

Delicious Vegan Cookies Recipes

Exercises that can be done anywhere


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