Mason Jar Holiday Presents

Hi friends, 

I’m back! I’ve been super busy making 120+ mason jars Christmas presents the last 5 days. It was a crazy journey, and it stressed me out, but it was worth every hour it took. Check out the pictures.
Gingerbread sugar scrub

Peppermint sugar scrub

Herbal Detox Tea

Hot chocolate mix

Cookies for Santa
(I also created a gluten free and vegan cookies for two family members with dietary restrictions.)
S’more Kits with freshly made graham crackers and marshmallows

The presents were a hit. Everyone was surprised and impressed with the effortI put into everything. 
Keeping in my holiday traveling tradition, I flew out of San Francisco this morning at 8am, now I’m heading to The Washington DC area. The lines weren’t too bad, and I got priority seating which always makes any trip better. Gotta love 1st class baby.

I hope everyone has a Very Merry Christmas. I’ll be in touch.

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