Happy Halloween

Lets talk Halloween Costumes

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. I love dressing up in goofy, sexy costumes, and making a fool out of myself. This year I was not prepared for Halloween, that trip overseas really did a number on me, I didn’t have time to put together a costume. I might slip into my high school cheerleading uniform, who knows what the night will bring. 
Check out these cool costumes

All of them seem creative and homemade. I like that better then buying an expensive get up that you can only wear one day out of the year. Halloween is another excuse to show your creativity and think all the way outside of the box. 
Lets talk Pumpkin Carving
Growing up my Father was very competitive. It was always a lot of fun at our house around the holidays. On Halloween he would pull out his professional pumpkin carving kit and challenge us to a pumpkin carving contest. I never won, but I got really good at carving pumpkins. This year I didn’t carve one, but last year my best friend and I got down and dirty. 
I don’t have the pictures anymore, which sucks. Enjoy these other beautifully carved pumpkins.

 Lets talk 
Healthy Halloween Treats 

Apple-Nut Butter Teeth
(inspired by Fork and Beans’ Apple Vampire Mouths)

2 apples (I used two Granny Smith)
handful of sliced or blanched almonds or raisins, cut in half or sunflower seeds
lemon juice (to help prevent turning brown), optional but for aesthetics
your favorite nut or seed butter, homemade or store-bought
Tools/equipment needed
1 small knife or boning knife

1. Cut each apple into 4 slices. Cut core from each wedge.
2. With a small knife, carve out a small wedge to make a top and bottom lip. Make sure not to cut too far because you want to make sure that the apple is still in tact.
3. Place lemon juice in a bowl and brush onto each apple wedge (optional).
3. With a small knife, spread a small amount if nut or seed butter on the bottom “lip”.
4.  Carefully and gently (to avoid ”teeth” breaking),  place the almonds/seeds/raisins into the top portion of the mouth until it sticks without holding it. The nut/seed butter also helps hold the ”teeth” into place. Use your knife to carve out a little tiny hole if needed. Enjoy!
Makes 8 apple teeth. Serve at room temperature or chilled.
For step by step cutting instructions, click here.

Ghost Cheese
(inspired by Octopus Hot Dogs at Cafe Mom)

String cheese
currants, small pieces of raisins or other dried fruit or black olives for eyes
Tools/equipment needed
boning knife
wooden skewer

1. Cut stick of string cheese in half so you have two “ghosts”. Using a sharp boning knife, slice each piece of cheese in half lengthwise, leaving 3/4 to 1 inch connected at one end for the “head”.
2. Cut the two legs in half again half length-wise, so you now have 4 “legs.” Continue (if desired) to cut in halves to make a total of eight legs.
3. To insert eyes (currants, raisins or olives), poke two holes in the “head” of the ghost and push the two eyes in to adhere. Enjoy!
For step by step instructions on cutting, please click here.


Apricot Fruit Bugs 

6 packages all-natural fruit leather (I used Stretch Island Fruit Snacks, grape flavor but any will do)
16 dried apricots
sesame seeds OR sunflower seeds OR currants OR melted coconut butter for eyes
Useful Tools/Equipment:
metal or wooden skewer

1. Carefully open the fruit strips so they do not tear. Using a sharp knife, cut each fruit leather into 8 thin vertical strips. With the three packages, you should have a total of 48 strips or “legs” for the bugs.
2. Gently squeeze the sides of an apricot together until 3/4-inch thick. Using a wooden skewer, make a hole through the center of the side of the apricot and thread one of the fruit leathers through the hole. Repeat twice more on either side of the first hole. Gently flatten out the apricot to its original shape.
3. The end of the fruit leather that is inserted into the apricot will become slightly sticky when pulling through the center, I dabbed two sesame seeds on the legs for an adhesive and made two eyes. This could also be done with maple syrup/honey/agave or melted coconut butter for a “glue”. You could also melt coconut butter and pipe straight onto the apricot to make eyes in lieu of the seeds or nuts. Enjoy!
Makes 16 fruit bugs (easy to cut in half or thirds for smaller batch if needed)
“Bugs” can be kept at room temperature or in the refrigerator.

I found all of these recipes on one site: 

Thats all folks. 
Have a safe and spooky Halloween  


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