More Sweat Please


I had a pretty good weekend. I didn’t do anything crazy, I actually stayed in all weekend and got hooked on Downton Abby. This PBS masterpiece is set in 1912 and follows the lives of the Crawley family, that live in a castle called Downton Abbey, they are aided by their cadre of servants. 
I watched the first episode 6 months ago, but it didn’t tickle my fancy so I stopped watching. I decided to give it another shot on Friday night, and now I’m hooked.
My only question is: Where are all the black people? I’m sure there were a few black servants in 1912 England, but maybe not.
If you have some time, and you are looking for a new show to capture your attention, you won’t be disappointed.
Lets Talk Fitness
I’ve getting bored with my workout routine. This always seems to happen every 6 months, I start despising my workouts, they start to feel like torture, which is probably a common feeling among most people that workout, but not me. I love to feel the burn, I love the feeling of accomplishment when I’m done, and I love love love the results of all of my hard work.
I’ve been loosing about 1-2 pounds a week, for the last 3 weeks, which is a great feat. My goal is to get down 10-15 more pounds of fat, while adding on 10-15 pounds of muscle. My lifting schedule isn’t intense at all, and I’m going to change that when I get home from England in 2 weeks.
If I haven’t mentioned it, I’m going on a mini vacation, I will be gone for 10 days, and I’m really looking forward to getting out of the country. Don’t worry, I will still be blogging M-F while I’m traveling.
This week I’m going to try out different workouts and make plans to totally transform my current workout schedule.
Right now I’m doing an hour of cardio 5 days a week, I predict I’m burning anywhere from 700-1000 an hour factoring in my effort and my current weight loss. This week I’m going to double up on my workout. Sticking with cardio 5 days a week, then pumping out a hour of calisthenics at home.
Lately I’ve been obsessed with different variations of push up, planks, squats, and lunges. They are not the most enjoyable exercises, but I do have a sense of pride when I complete 3 sets of 20 around the world lunges on each leg.
My abdominals are still tight and taunt, and I want more, it’s time to rev up the ole ab routine again. Planks have become my best friends, I’m very comfortable holding planks for 60 seconds, and that means it’s time to get uncomfortable. Starting today all planks will be held for….. 90 seconds. I’m sure that 30 second increase will cause my body to shake in joy and pain.
I also plan on incorporating a swiss ball and medicine ball into the mix. I’ve never had a full workout on a ball, this week I will be changing that. I know they challenge your core, and strength your entire body, which is excalty what I’m looking for.
All in all I haven’t been sore in the  last 2 weeks, which is unacceptable to me. I’m riding in my comfort zone, which is not good enough. 
As a personal trainer and avid fitness enthusiest I know hundreds, if not thousands, of exercises. My goal is to create exercise posters, like the ones below, using my grapic design degree, while modeling each exerise. There just isn’t enough time in the day to pull that off yet. So for now please enjoy these exercise routines I found on Pinterest. 

Fitness Tip

Do you need a change and some extra motivation???
Write a bunch of exercises (with reps) on Popsicle sticks and put them in one cup. Whenever you have a chance, grab one, do what it says, then move the stick to the done cup. 
I use this technique with some of my clients that want more control over their workout. This takes the control away from both of us, it’s all about the luck of the draw.

I finally finished my abdominal challenge, with pic of myself! CHECK IT OUT, it turned out great. Now I have to tackle the quality of printing a small book. I’m hoping to take 25-50 of these little masterpieces with me to England so I can promote my blog. Please tell me what you think, if you see a typo let me know.

That’s it today.
I’m going to cook a big dinner tonight, look forward to some recipes tomorrow.
Blessings my friends

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