Life Hacks


Wow! What a week. Its almost over, but I need a few more days.
Everything is coming along slowly, my website needs a little more love, my chili recipe isn’t finalized yet, and I have 2-3 additional craft projects to finish before tomorrow. Not to mention prepping 5 pounds of onions, making my own hot sauce, and trying to stay positive and not loose it.
I went to bed a little early last night, this morning I was up with the sun, ready to tackle another day, and get ahead of the game.
Lets Talk about Life Hacks
I am an avid Pinterst user. 

At first I didn’t understand pins and boards but now I’m a fan that can’t live without it. I found this awesome list and had to share it with all of you.
Figure out someone’s name with this easy trick
When you forget someone’s name, say “What was your name again?” They’ll respond with their first name, albeit somewhat hurt that you forgot. Then emphatically reply, “No, no, your lastname.” Much relieved, they’ll happily oblige. You now have their first and last name without insulting them. Works every time
Use Lip balm to heal small shaving nicks
 Rubber bands open stubborn jars

Get rid of yellow armpit stains with stuff you already have around your house
·      Mix one part dawn with two parts hydrogen peroxide.
·      Pour mixture over stain and let sit for one hour. You can also add baking soda and scrub lightly for harder stains. Wash as usual and stains will be gone like magic.
 A fan and some dryer sheets quickly destinkify a   

stinky room
Figure out which side your exit is on immediately
On the first day/week/month of school, save your
schedule as your phone’s lock screen. 
Break in your flats in under 5 minutes

    • Put on thick socks, then your flats
    • Blow dry your shoes around the tight sections for a few minutes
    • Keep your socks/flats on while it cools
    • Test them out, repeat process if you need them more stretched out.
(pic of breaking in flats)
Put clear nail polish on the inside of your rings 
   Your fingers will be free from green stains
 Hang your purses with shower curtain hooks
Chill your white and red wine with frozen grapes
When you pack a suitcase, wrap your shoes in a shower cap
 Mount Cutlery trays to store your jewelry
 Glue old wine corks to a picture frame to make your own Cork board
Put your necklaces through a straw to keep the chain from tangling
I love these life hacks, it seems like they will make anyones life just that much easier.
It’s time to tackle another day. I’m off to the gym for an hour of cardio, then time to work, work work!
Blessings Friends
Mary ­

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