Crafts day!

Hello Friends,

Today is a creative day. The Chili Cook-off is slowly approaching, and I’m finally starting to take it seriously.

Sausalito’s 35th Annual Chili Cook Off
September 28th, 2013
You must prepare 10 gallons of chili on site the morning of the event.
Prize Categories:
Most Creative: Dress up your booth and helpers
Judges Choice: A panel of judges will determine the best chili
Peoples Choice: The first 1000 people will get to vote on their favorite chili

Those are the dirty details. I’ve been working on my own detailed list explaining what I want my booth to look like, my creative marketing plan, and what kind of chili to cook.

I’m still deciding on my chili recipe,so far I know I’m going to use chicken or turkey, red, white, and black beans. The chili must also be healthy, since I’m advertising my Personal Training, Life Coaching and Motivational Coaching business. I’m all about eating healthy, and still enjoying food.

This is what I’ve decided on thus far.

Booth name: Evolve with Me

Booth helpers: My two girlfriends Tamara S. and Nicole B.

Booth theme: Healthy living, positive affirmations, spreading love, positivity

Booth Marketing: Positive Affirmation Jars, EWM newsletter and email capture, brochures, business cards

Booth Decorations: DIY banners and props

The plan is to create some of these cool crafts. I’m pretty excited about it to tell the truth.

For the next few days my blog will be changing over to www.evolvewithmary.comwith more content, a better layout, and more details about my journey.

That’s what I’ll be working on all day today, besides going to the gym. 
Today is cardio day, my goal is 15-20 miles, I think I’ll land somewhere in the 17-18 mile range, which isn’t too bad for an hours worth of pedaling. I really enjoy the spin bike, and my body seems to enjoy it as well. My legs are defiantly stronger, my abdominals tight and taunt, but the icing on the cake is my endurance. I don’t get tired completing this workout. No matter how fast I pedal, or how much I turn up the resistance my body is ready for the challenge. People in the gym constantly stare at me, some even jump on the spin bike next to me, in my mind I imagine they are inspired by my hard work and they want to feel the burn just as bad as I do.

Send me your good energy, I’m going to need it.



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