Healthy Snacking and Medicine Ball Abdominals

Hello Friends!

One more day until the weekend. 

Lets talk Snacks

I always consider myself a normal human being. I have cravings just like anyone else. My disciple is pretty impressive, but that doesn’t mean my desire is any less than the next person.

All that said, I love snacking. Eating is one of my favorite things. Hand to mouth, chew… hand to mouth chew… hand to mouth, chew…  I could do that all day.

What if you could drop 10 pounds by snacking??? Shelley Levitt, with Woman’s Health is suggesting just that. These snacks let you pig out and win the battle of the bulge.

Munch on These

Pop Chips
120 Calories per ounce

Cheetos Simply Natural White Cheddar Puffs
150 Calories per ounce

Quaker Caramel Corn Quakes Rice Snacks
60 Calories for 7 cakes

Jell-O sugar-free pudding cups, dark chocolate
60 Calories per 3.75oz

Mott’s Healthy Harvest Cups, country berry
50 Calories per 3.9 oz

Dannon Light & Fit yogurt vanilla flavor
50 Calories per 4oz

Trader Joe’s wasabi peas
120 Calories per 1/4 cup

One bell pepper cut into quarters, topped with Spicy Pace Thick and Chunky Salsa
15 Calories Each

Whole jalapenos stuffed with garden vegetable Philadelphia 1/3 less fat cream cheese
74 Calories Each

I can deal with this list. I wish snickers, ice cream, and chips were included, if only it were a perfect world.

Whenever I talk about snacking the first thing that comes to mind is: how will these snacks effect my belly. When I had a little belly I obsess about losing the belly, now that my stomach is flat and tight I’m still just as obsess with keeping it flat. All of these snack, eating in moderation, with strict attention to serving sizes, will promote a flat stomach, along with some serious abdominal work, which I personally have no problem with.

Lets Talk Ab Exercises

Always on the hunt for new abdominal exercises, I figure its time to introduce Medicine Balls into my exercise routine.

Here are my favorite Medicine Ball Abdominal exercise, they are challenging and actually enjoyable. They make me feel strong… Like Bull

Blessings my friends

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