Unpacking, Random Acts of Kindness, and Namu Gaji

Good Morning Friends,

It’s Friday, and I’m busy. I have to finish unpacking, which will take me a couple of hours, but I am up for it. We have some company coming over on Saturday, and the house needs to be unpacked and clean. That’s what I get to tackle today. I even got up a few hours early to make sure I have enough time to clean and get a 2 hour workout in. Now thats dedication. 

Everyday is a good day to spread love

 @ariellecaputo has a blog www.livedeap.blogspot.com where she posted creative ways to spread love. 


Last night My boyfriend and I went to a restaurant called Namu Gaji and I fell in love. It is officially my favorite restaurant. It was so good we are going back tonight. At first glance the menu didn’t look very appetizing to me, but man was I wrong. They really celebrate the vegetables at this restaurant, while layering flavors, exotic spices, and creative preparations. If you are ever in the San Francisco, and you find yourself around Dolores park look for Namu Gaji, you will not be disappointed. 

Starting from the left and continuing clockwise: Drangons Tongue (leeks), Cabbage, Dumplings (shiitake mushrooms), Chicken wings (i didn’t taste them, but they looked good), okonomiyaki (koren seafood pancake, ohhhhhhh so good) 

Namu Gaji 
Korean, American food 
499 Dolores St, San Francisco94110
between 18th and Dorland St
Thats all folks!
Time to get to work. 
Enjoy your weekend

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