It’s Friday, enjoy foam-rolling and intervals

Happy Friday!!!

What a week. This was my first week in my new house and it didn’t disappoint. Between people trying to siphon gas from my car, to AT&T have issues installing my Internet, to a super loud alarm going off every night around 10pm I have to say its been an adventure thus far. An adventure that I’m up for.
Fitness facts!!!!
Roll before you Run

“Using a foam roller on your muscles during your warmup may help you power through your workout”
Men’s health September 2013
Research proves people that foam-rolled their legs, upper body, and lower back for 10 minutes before exercising felt less fatigued while
exercising the those that didn’t foam-roll.

Proven Fact: you may be able to exercise longer and harder if you foam-roll before your workout. 
Love Intervals

“Short, super intense bursts of cardio with long periods of rest can enhance your spend endurance.” Men’s Health September 2013 
“Very intense intervals boost aerobic power and train your body to recruit more muscle” says study author Chris Lorenzen PH.D”

I plan on foam rolling and doing a little interval training today, I’ll let you know if I feel any different. 

Happy Friday friends. Enjoy your weekend. 
Ms Mary 
Reference: Men’s  Health September 2013, journal of Strength and Conditioning Research, Disa Hatfield, Ph.D, Chris Lorenzen PH.D

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