Gyms, Food, and Shopping

Cello Friends,

Yesterday was a great day. Today will be even better. 

I worked out at my new gym, SF Fitness, and I loved it. People stared at me, and trainers commented my workout and outfit, nothing annoying or distracting. I love all of the cardio equipment, and I’m ready to get Strong… Strong like Bull 🐃

Change your mind …  Change your body

I wasn’t able to finish my workout yesterday, not for a lack of effort, it was a lack of time. A lot of exercise research states you should loose your cardiovascular training capacity after 2 weeks of not exercising. Yesterday I was ready to feel like shit, and push myself to my limits, instead I felt stronger then ever, and ready for more complexed and challanging exercises. I plan on joining that gym today. This morining I woke up feeling athletic, my abdominals are sore, my arms are sore, and my legs are pissed off at me. Just the way I like it. 

I decided against Natural Body Building. It sounded like a great idea, but its just not for me. I will always strive to be as toned as possible, but I don’t want to have a hard body. I enjoy my pockets of fat, they make me look and feel like a woman. I will always strive to have a 6 pack, that’s my dream and i’m going to reach it one day. 

Ever since my trip my body has been excalty where I want it to be. My legs look strong, I have not stomach, and my arms are toned. I already knew that nutrition was half the battle, and it wasn’t until I started really paying attention to what I was eatting that I got to see some real resutls. 

I’m a pescetarian, which means I only eat seafood as protien, avoiding meat, I still partake in eggs, cheese, milk, and yougrt. The last 2 months I’ve fallen  in love with vegetables. I never thought it would happen to me, but I’m offically a veggie head. A lot of my meals consit only of lightly stir-fryed vegetables with a little low sodium soysauce and nothing else. Vegetables give me energy, they taste great, and I don’t feel guilty if I overeat a little. This weekend we found some great resturants. Check out the food: 

Mandalays, Burmese Cuisine – 4344 California St, San Francisco, Ca 94118
Vegetable Pot Stickers, Chicken Satay, Rainbow Salad, and FREE mango custard

(I didn’t not eat the Chicken Satay) 

Yummy Yummy, Vietnamese food, 1015 Irving St, San Francisco Ca
Sauteed Salt and pepper crab, only $32!!!

Alrighty friends

Today I’m going funiture shopping. I’m taking a week off of work to get my house in order. I love working for myself, and having the freedom to take off as much as I want to. 

Have a great great great day!
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