Today is a travel day

Hello friends

Today is a travel day,  caught a red eye out of San Francisco at 12:50am, connecting in Philly my final destination is Baltimore. 

Once in Baltimore I will be a salve to public transportation. 
 bus ➕ subway ride ➕ cab ride = home
It should take me about a few hours to get to my Dads house in Oxen Hill, Maryland.  Visiting Maryland is like going home, lots of family, lots of things to catch up on, lots of people that want to spend tome with me. As much as I absolutely adore my family, after a 6 hour red eye flight I’m in no mood to make small talk, or go out to lunch. Public transportation isn’t glamours but it will give me time to relax and not expelled extra energy. 
The Plan was to on sleep on the pane, but it wasn’t in the cards, ended up  studying instead, which is always something to be proud of.  Brought an informative book to keep my mind occupied, it did its job. 
New Plan: get home ASAP and take a much needed nap. The bed is calling my name.

I finally made it, safe and sound. 
Hearts my friends 

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