QR codes, Exercising, and Chanting oh my


Today is a good day.

I’m feeling great, didn’t sleep well last night, but that’s because I’m so excited. I’m going to pick up the concert tickets today, then I have to drop them off at my boyfriend friend house so he can help me distribute them to the correct people. The surprise is coming together and I’m thrilled.

I am nowhere close to having an outfit, but I have a feeling it will all work out.

This is one sexy bird.

Today will be my last workout day until Saturday or Sunday. For some reason my body needs 2-3 days of rest to see the real results from all of my hard work. My abdominals are tighter then ever, and my obliques look sick!! Finally! Finally! Finally! I’m getting closer and closer to my goal.

Here’s my workout for today:

I’m looking forward to busting it out and feeling strong. Can’t wait to start sweating. It’s like I’m addicted to pushing myself as hard as I can. My man thinks I’m crazy, I think I’m smart.

I created this QR code to place on my marketing material at http://www.visualead.com/. I’m pretty excited about it. Can’t wait to see if it has any effect on my business.

I’m working on website, so future clients can see all of my services, instead of just popping into my blog. All is going well. I should be done with everything before I go to Canada next week.

I’m looking forward to blogging while I’m out of town. I might even break my rules and blog on the weekend. I feel like I’m going to have so much to share with all of you I won’t be able to hide it.

Have you ever seen “What’s Love Got to Do With It?” the Tina Turner life story. It’s a good movie, it came out when I was a teenager and the story had a lasting impression on me. It was the first time that I ever saw a man hit a woman, and the first time I ever heard of chanting. I was obsessed with the chanting part of the movie, and always promised myself that I would chant when I got older.

I’m older now, and there is no time like the present to start something new. I found this book and I can’t wait to dive in and see what it’s all about. I try to meditate on a daily bases, I have a feeling that once I get chanting down, I’ll enjoy chanting everyday. It just seems like me. I’m not good at being quiet for long periods of time. My mind never gets that quiet, so maybe if I can something to concentrate on everything will finally fall into place.

That’s all folks

I have to drive an hour away to grab those tickets, and I’m going to sing all the way.

Sending love your way

Ms. Mary

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