Getting Back in the Swing of things

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Yesterday turned into an unproductive day as soon as I drank that nasty cinnamon and honey mixture. As I mentioned yesterday, it elevated my heart rate and hurt my tummy. For the rest of the day I felt like I was walking on a cloud. Everything was a little fuzzy. I’m much better now, but yesterday really sucked.

Today I have a session with a good friend of mine. I’m going to create a workout plan for her to follow. She is like the rest of us, she wants to change but always seems to find herself back in her old unhealthy habits. Instead of setting goals of exercising 6 days a week, 2 hours a day, why not set goals that are obtainable, and work up to harder things. I think exercising twice a week is a good place to start. Once you master 2 days, then we can move to 3 and so on and so forth. 
Since I wasn’t that productive yesterday, I really just sat around the house trying to feel better, today will be busy. I am in the process of moving, and I still have to notify PG&E, Garbage, Water, and the bank. I also need to send out a few emails that I’ve been avoiding.
I’ve been doing an advanced squat and abdominal 30 day challenge, and I’m finally on the last 5 days. They always work, but this time the results are pretty amazing. My butt looks firm, high, strong, and sexy. My abdominals are tight, swollen, and strong. By adding complex planks to my exercise routine my arms are also defined and my obliques are visible. I’m getting to be where I want to be physically. I’m going to kill it in Canada; my goal is to get on stage at most events. I usually have no problem being invited on stage; I’m “that girl”. Now that I’m 30 I cherish being “that Girl” more then ever. I will post pictures of my hard body as soon as I’m done with my challenges. I’m very proud of myself, and I’m thinking about getting into natural body building next year, just a thought. I don’t want to get super ripped, but I want to see how far I can take it while keeping some curves.  

I think its time for a photo shoot.

Last night we went had Korean food for dinner. It was pretty good. I was still hurting from that cleanse so I only had some vegetable noodle soup, which was exactly what I needed. Check out our spread.

Muguboka Resturant 401 Balboa St, Inner Richmond 
That’s all today folks. I missed my workout yesterday so I have to hit it hard today. I hope you guys are having a good Wednesday.
Hearts my friends
Type to you soon.

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