We have to do better…

Hello Everyone!!

Ab Challenge II Day 6, 6/24/13
Push Up Challenge Day 6, 6/24/13 (rest)
Squat Challenge II Day 6, 6/24/13(225 squats)
Do you ever wake up and start freaking out about your life??? About your goals dreams and aspirations???
Today was one of those days.
I woke up all kinds of happy, ready to take on the world. My boyfriend has been in a runt about our current situation. We are both building our careers, so we aren’t where we would like to be, but everyday I’m working towards my goals of becoming a published author, public speaker, wellness coach and an inspiring life coach & personal trainer. I’ve been building my business, building my fan bases, working on my book proposal, and working-out like I’m crazy, so I can be in the best shape of my life when all these wonderful things happen. I usually don’t get discouraged, I’m usually very inspired, but today my boyfriend’s first words to me were… we have to do better. I think he is talking about his self, he’s not a self-starter like I am, but he’s also not wrong. We have to do better; I have to do better.
I have started a small marketing campaign to promote my blog and myself as a personal trainer and a life coach, but I need more, I have to get my message and my story out to the public.
I think that it’s time to submit my story to a few publications. My before and after pictures, and my story is compelling enough to be published in magazines, local and national. To accomplish all of my goals I have to be in the public eye, in my community working, and giving back. I don’t know. My faith isn’t shaken but I am a little freaked out. I hope I can become the woman I have been striving to be. But if I fail I know I gave it all I had.
Thanks for letting me vent

Other then my mid-life crisis over here, I’m doing well. Its my Mothers Birthday, I’m taking her to get a Thai Message, and to lunch. I’m excited to see her, she’s pretty cute.

Have you ever wanted to be able to do the splits?? I know I have. I have always wanted to do them, but never been successful. I have also wondered what stretches would get me closer. I can touch my toes, and I’m pretty flexible, but you need flexible hamstrings, and hips. Here are a few stretches that help you open up your hips to stretch out your hamstrings, so that one day soon you can do the splits.
9 Stretches that will make you split
Tip-over Tuck
  • Stretches both hamstrings at the same time, while increasing flexibility in your lower back. Also stretches chest and shoulders

Head to Knee
  • Stretches one hamstring at a time. As well as your lower back, and helps to open your hips.

Seated Straddle
  • Stretches both hamstrings and lower back. Focuses on hamstrings closer to your butt.

Kneeling Hip flexor Stretch against a wall
  • Stretches hips and hip flexors

Hip Flexor Stretch
  • Deep hip flexor stretch

  • Makes you use your upper body strength to help your lefts move into splits position

Standing Split
  • Vertical spilt, a good warm up to horizontal splits, it targets standing leg hamstrings and hips

Standing hand to Toe
  • Intense Vertical Stretch

Supported Splits
  • Stretching with a bock is a good to get you ready for the real thing

I’m going to get on these today!!!

PopSugar Fitness, 9 stretches to get you there. Splits. by Jenny Suga

I’m always on the look out for fun new cardio routines. I’m trying this video today. It will be a good jump start to my exercise routine. I like to keep my body guessing what’s next.


Victoria’s Secret Model Workout: 10-Minute Fat-Blasting Circuit


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