Cheating and Motivation


Hello All!
Ab Challenge II Day 3, 6/21/13
Ab Challenge II Day 4, 6/22/13
Ab Challenge II Day 5, 6/23/13 
Push Up Challenge Day 3, 6/21/13 (34 push-ups)
Push Up Challenge Day 4, 6/22/13 (rest)
Push Up Challenge Day 5, 6/23/13 (49 push-ups)  
Squat Challenge II Day 3, 6/21/13(210)
Squat Challenge II Day 4, 6/22/13(rest day))

Squat Challenge II Day 5, 6/23/13(220)
I hope everyone had a great weekend! I know I did, well it was defiantly ok. I have a confession
I went off of my diet and I wasn’t very productive this weekend. I don’t know what made me eat everything I usually try to avoid, but something clicked in me, and I made a b-line for the pasta, rice, butter, bread, potatoes, cheese and sugar. As much as I want to beat myself up, I’m going to give myself a little slack and curb my mental put downs.
Best Scalloped Potatoes I’ve ever made

Today’s Posting is about Motivation
Motivation to start or continue your current fitness regiment
Motivation has always played a huge part in my life. I am a self-motivator, a fake it until you make it kind of girl. I never truly believed that I was “pretty” no boyfriends in high school, no nice boyfriends in college, and my overweight frame helped keep my motivation, self-worth, and self-esteem as low as it could possibly go. Knowing I had to make a change, I decided to lie to myself and everyone else.
Looking in the mirror, I would strip down until I was naked, look deep into my own eyes and repeat: I am beautiful, I am beautiful, I am beautiful, while taking in all of my rolls of fat. Most days this brought me to tears, but after a month and 10 boxes of tissue I started to convince myself that I was beautiful.
Next came faking it to the world. I walked around with my head held high, and preformed my best Diva attitude to my friends, family and co-workers. Crazy thing is it worked. I was able to convince people around me that I was beautiful and a force to be reckoned with. Then one day out of nowhere I looked in the mirror and realized that I am beautiful. That I am just as stunning as I made everyone else believe.

Today’s homework is to get naked, stand in front of a full-length mirror and tell yourself that you are beautiful, that you are worthy of accomplishing all of you dreams, and aspirations. Keep it up for a week.
Fake it until you make it

Here are some more tips on Staying Motivated
Set Goals
I am a huge advocate for setting goals. I love goal setting, it works for me and it has had a lot of success with my clients. Writing down what you want to achieve makes it real. Put pen to paper and start mapping out your life, create goals from the map, and start attacking
Make It Fun
Who wants to be bored? I like to party, dance, and have a good time. Just because you have to sweat doesn’t mean you have to hate it. Zumba is huge right now, people love Zumba because its fun. You get to dance, sing, and enjoy yourself while your sweating. Find an activity that you enjoy, or that is fun to you. I like to lift weights. It’s a stress reliever and its fun to me. What do you like to do?
Make Physical Activities part of your everyday life
This seems like common sense but its not so easy. Our daily lives are filled with deadlines, responsibilities, and stress. I like suggesting walking, take a walk with you boyfriend, best friend, girlfriends, or during your lunch break. Get outside, jump on a bike, take the stairs instead of the elevator or take up jump roping. You have full control over your schedule. Try to pencil in some physical activities
I hope you enjoy these simple tips.

Have a great Monday!!

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