Nails, Challenges, and Living for the Weekend


Squat Challenge Day 25, 6/6/13(Rest)

Ab Challenge Day 25, completed on 6/6/13

I love love love getting my nails done. I went about 5 years without painting my nails, I was in this rasta, natural stage, that was fun, but I’m so happy that I’m out of it. Now that I’m back in action I will admit getting my nails done is something that I truly enjoy. I am at the nail shop at least once a week, always trying to come up with different color combinations to shock and awe friends and family.

I am currently using 3 colors, usually a basic flat color on my pinky, pointer finger, and thumb, a totally different color on my middle finger, and sparkling nail polish on my ring finger. My nail shop knows me very well, and they are always trying to come up with different color combinations for me.

Check out these cool designs. I would love to get my nails designed like this but I don’t know where to go.

This weekend should be a fun one. I don’t have any plans, but I’m sure I’ll find something fun to get into.

I’ve been pushing hard on this abdominal challenge and squat challenge. I took a week off of my Kettle Bell training and now that I’m back in action I feel stronger then ever, my body feels tight and strong. Yesterday I jumped on the bed and for the first time in my life I could feel my abdominals when I twist and turn my body. I feel sexy, strong, and oh so happy. All these challenges are actually working. I only have 5 more days until they are over. I plan on taking a week off, and then hitting it hard again. 
Next on my list
100 push up challenge 
Time to rip out my arms
Ab Challenge   
I will admit making myself work my abs 30 days straight was a challenge and it got super annoying, but I love the results. I plan on creating a harder abdominal challenge and taking my abdominals to next level. 
Squat Challenge  
The squat challenge is no joke, and oh how I love the results. I am going to keep moving forward with this one also. Starting at 100 squats instead of 30, while adding more dynamic squat movements to the challenge. I’ll keep you all updated with my new workout plans. 

Enjoy your Weekend.

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