Getting back in the Groove

Hello Friends!

First and foremost I would like to apologize for not posting many entries while I was away. I didn’t have a reliable Internet connection, which was frustrating, to say the least.

My trip to Sedona, Arizonaa was enlightening. The scenery was beautiful, the people were friendly and the atmosphere was relaxing.

I try to come up with my best ideas while on vacations, so I always have an excuse to travel.  This trip I decided it was time totally re-work this blog.

As much as I love fitness, I also love other things. I love hiking, I love art, I love people, I love to inspire people, I love new adventures and trying new things. Instead of having a blog solely focus on fitness I have decided that will be based on my life. Fitness will always be mixed in, since I love exercising, pushing myself to the limit, and posting my results, but I also want to discuss everyday life, my favorite TV shows, my fashion issues, my personal goals and aspirations. No more Abdominal Mondays and Challenge Tuesdays, the new format will be a lot less formal, but it will include videos, personal fitness challenges, pictures, and more of me.

That being said:

It’s time to get back in the groove

I went on vacation and now that I’m back I’m not that inspired to start my super intense exercise routine again. If you have been following this blog you know my goals of having a 6 pack by summer. I have at least a month before its officially summer, so even though I’m really not feeling it, I know now is the time to go hard, and really push myself.

While I was away one of my life-coaching clients sent me a few challenges that I decided to try. The 30 Squat Challenge is awesome! I did something like this 2-3 months ago and it toned up my legs and butt. I am a real woman with real features, and I have big legs that are hard to tone, but squats have an answer to that. I am starting the 30 day squat challenge today. Even though I love changing guidelines I think I’m going to stick with the basic outline I posted last week. It looks like this: 

My goal is to complete the squats on the correct days and squat my way to firm toned thighs, and a tight butt. I have a few questions like, can I break the squats up into sets or should I try to complete them with out breaks. Since there are no guidelines that I could find I decided to make it as hard as possible and work until exhaustions, no breaks for me. This challenge starts today!!!

I also featured another challenge on my blog last week called the 30-day Ab challenge. It sounded really exciting but I didn’t like the challenge exercises that my life-coaching client sent me. After some research I found this 30-day ab challenge routine that I like a lot better, I even added some planks to the end of the routine to add a little spice. Here’s the link that the AB challenge that I am starting today

Here is a breakdown of the exercises

In-Outs                25 reps
Bicycles               25 reps
Reverse Bicycles       25 reps
Crunchy Frog           25 reps
Cross leg wide sit up  25 reps
Scissors               25 reps
Hip Butt Ups           25 reps
Heels to heaven        25 reps
Roll Up V Ups          25 reps
Leg Climber            12 reps
Kayakers               50 reps
Plank                  90 seconds
Left side plank        90 seconds
Left side plank        90 seconds
Combo plank            25 reps

I can already tell that the abdominal challenge is going to be demanding but rewarding. I looked pretty good in my bikini in Arizona, but I know I can look even better.

That’s my goal today. I’m starting the 30 day Squat challenge and the 30 day abdominal challenge, on top of my regular exercise routine. I’m still looking for an effective way to complete the necessary amount of cardio that I need, and I decided to add some hike fitness to my routine. I live in Sausalito where there are many hike less then 10 minutes for my doorstep. I plan on hiking 2-3 times a week. I will post pictures and even try to provide a map of the hikes I take. I’m excited to get outside and push myself, while trying something new.

Today is filled with lots of new experiences, I’m up for the challenge. I hope you all take a little pleasure in my pain.

As requested, starting tomorrow I will post my exercise schedule so everyone can see what kind of exercises I am doing everyday. I love working hard and my workouts reflect that.

Have an awesome Monday.

Blessings my friends

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