Challenge Tuesdays


Today is Challenge Tuesdays…

Are you ready for a challenge???

Last week I challenged you to purchase, stream or attend a yoga class. I went to Bikram yoga and sweated my a#@ off. I’m happy I got back to my roots, and my body is also happy about all the stretching, sweating and detoxing.

Lets think outside of the box today and change the challenge a little:

I officially challenge you to

purchase, stream, or attend a Pilates classes this week. 

I love to call Pilates mid-evil torture. I have taken my fair share of Pilates classes, which I thoroughly enjoyed; but they were very challenging, yet I saw fast results. Actually my boyfriend is the one that pointed out my results. Pilates helps me look better naked, who doesn’t want that?  I found that Pilates was very challenging, it focuses on slow and controlled movements that don’t allow you to work up a huge sweat, but you feel it nonetheless.

What is the difference between Yoga and Pilates? I have attend both classes, on a regular bases. I must admit I saw quicker physical results while attending Pilates classes, but I also saw physical results attending yoga classes. It is my humble opinion that yoga connects mind, body and spirit, while Pilates builds core and spine strength. Since most people have never tried Pilates or Yoga I think today’s posting is a great time to compare and contrast these two practices. I thought I knew that difference, but I learned a lot from doing the research for this posting, and I can’t wait to share what I learned with you.
Yoga Vs Pilates
Yoga and Pilates are very similar but that have some key differences. 

  • Yoga started in India over 5000+ years ago.
  • Pilates started in the mid 20th century by an athlete named Joseph Pilates
  • Pilates is a form of rehabilitation and strengthening
  • Yoga and Pilates teach that mind and body are connected
  • Yoga also connects mind, body, and spirit
  • Spiritual explorations is a major part of the Yoga practice, especially through meditation
  • Pilates helps create an understanding that the mind and body are connected and how it can help you in your everyday life.
  • Most Yoga classes have a flexible routine
  • Pilates classes are a lot more structured
  • Meditation is sometimes incorporated in Yoga classes
  • Both Yoga and Pilates help you gain strength and flexibility
  • Pilates offer a total body workout while focusing on aligning the spine and strengthening the core.
  • Most exercises in Pilates classes involve movements to increase or gain core and spine strength
  • In Yoga classes you will work every muscle in your body
  • In Yoga each posture is followed by another posture to ensure a balanced body
  • During Pilates you breath in through the nose and exhale through your mouth
  • During Yoga they used a deeper level of breathing techniques

So which Practice is for you???
Yoga is a spiritual practice to manage stress
Pilates will help you build core and spine strength
Try both and see which one is a better fit for you.
I challenge you purchase, stream, or attend a Pilates class this week.

Good Luck! 

Share your experiences with all of us!

Always listen to your body, if any exercise causes too much impact stop right away. 

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