Challenge Tuesdays

Today is Challenge Tuesdays…
Are you ready for a challenge???
Last week I challenged you to purchase or stream a exercise video and complete it twice with in a week. Yesterday, making sure I complete last week’s challenge, I ran across a abdominal yoga video. The video was so challenging I helped shape this weeks challenge
Keeping with the theme of stepping outside of your comfort zone, today:
I officially challenge you to
Purchase, stream, or attend a yoga class this week. 

I used to attend Bikram Yoga on a daily bases. Bikram yoga is a type of Hatha yoga characterized by a set series of postures and breathing exercises preformed in a very hot room. Bikram yoga makes you sweat, I love it, Bikram detoxifies your body while stretching your spine in many comfortable and uncomfortable postures. My love affair with Bikram usually stays strong for about 30 days, then I start freaking out, getting stir crazy, and I swear off Bikram. I convince myself the room gets too hot, or the teachers aren’t as helpful as I would like, or the students just aren’t friendly enough. I can usually last about a month or two without even thinking of Bikram. Then one day it hits me. I miss the sweating, I miss the comfortable and uncomfortable postures, I want to improve my practice, my energy wants to be still and my body misses the challenge.  So I usually do a walk of shame back to my old Bikram Yoga studio, where they are always nice and understanding.
Yesterday I found a abdominal yoga video on Comcast On-Demand, I decided to do it, it was only 30 minutes and I have been working hard on my abdominal strength. Truth be told I figured it was going to be a walk in the park, I figured I was going to finish the workout with out heaving breathing, or much effort. Boy was I wrong! This lady killed me. She made me work. I feel like I held certain positions for hours within this 30 minutes video. She took her time and explained every exercise to me, while she tortured my abdominal strength.
I’m always up for a challenge and I know you guys are too.
A regular yoga practice can increase your sense of physical health, emotional well being, mental clarity and spiritual connection. There are too many benefits to list but check out this article if you want more information on the benefits of a regular yoga practice.
Here is a breakdown of most of the different yoga practices, so you can make an informed decision on what kind of classes you would like to stream, or attend.

Ananda Yoga:    Focuses on gentle postures designed to move energy up to the brain to prepare for meditation, classes focus on proper alignment and breathing.
Anusara Yoga:   Developed in 1997 Ansusara yoga pairs strict principles of alignment with a playful spirit. Postures are challenging
Ashtanga Yoga:  Also known as Astanga yoga, it is physically demanding and involves synchronizing breathing with a continuous series of postures, which produces intense internal heat. This is an athletic practice and is not for beginners.
Bikram Yoga:     Includes muscular strength, muscular endurance, cardiovascular flexibility, and weight loss. Practice is preformed in a 95-105 degree room
Hatha Yoga:        Basic for of yoga is the foundation of all yoga styles. It incorporates postures regulated breathing, meditation and laya yoga. It can be used to achieve enlightment or self-realization.
Integral Yoga:     Traditional yoga that combines posture, breathing, exercise, selfless service, mediation, changing, prayer, and self inquiry.
ISHTA:               Integral Science of Hatha and Tantric Arts focuses on opening energy channels throughout the body with visualizations postures and meditation.
Iynengar Yoga:   Promotes strength, flexibility, endurance, and balance through coordinated breathing and poses that require perfect body alignment.
Jivamukti Yoga: Expresses the spiritual and ethical aspects of yoga. It is a vigorous and challenging asana form with emphasis on scriptural study, changing, vegetarianism, non-violence, and meditation.
KaliRay Tri Yoga: A series flowing dance-like m movements that incorporates pranayama (breathing exercise) and meditation.
Kripalue Yoga:    Gentle introspective practices that urge people to hold poses to explore and release emotional and spiritual blockages
Kundalini Yoga: Concentrates on awaking the energy at the base of the spine and draining it upward.
Power Yoga:        American interpretation of ashtanga yoga, it combines stretching strength training, and meditative breathing
Restorative Yoga: Passively allows muscles to relax
Sivananda Yoga: Combines postures breathing dietary restrictions, chanting, and scriptural study and meditation.
Svaroopa Yoga:   Good for beginners, promotes healing and transformation.
Vini Yoga:            Used as a therapeutic practice fore people who have suffered injuries or are recoving from surgery.
Vinyasa:               Focuses on coordination of breath and movements, very physically active form of yoga
White Lotus Yoga: Modified ashtanga practice that combines breath work with meditation.

Do’s and Don’t of attending a yoga class:
  • Have a big meal right before class, try eating light a few hours before class starts
  • Drink water during class, but have some before and after
  • Wear shoes or socks during class
  • Tell the teaching it is your first class
  • Ask the teacher for help if you need it
  • Familiarize yourself with some beginners’ yoga poses
  • Comeback in a few days for your next class

I challenge you purchase, stream, or attend a yoga class this week.
Good Luck! 
Share your experiences with all of us!
Always listen to your body, if any exercise causes too much impact stop right away. 

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