Kale Chips & Kale Powder… say what???

After the chips were done I dropped a few on the ground, by accident of course. Had to talk myself out of implementing the 5 second rule and forgot I had blessed the floor with some Kale goodness. 20 minutes later I noticed a course green powder where at the scene of the crime. I grabbed the broom and dust pan when it hit me… Kale powder. What would happen if I grinded up Kale super duper fine and used it as a seasoning adding some serious vitamins, minerals and all that other good stuff to whatever it is I’m preparing. 
I did a little research and found I’m not the only one that has had this life altering idea. I found a recipe that calls for dehydrated Kale but who has time for that? I had some extra Kale chips threw them in my high powered blender and blended for 10 minutes. Checking the powder every 2-3 minutes and using a spatula to scraped the sides of the blender. I learned two things from my experiment. 1. Kale powder if freaking delicious!!!!! 2. My blender is a keeper. I inculded my Kale powder recipe at the end of this post. It super simple and freaking delicious. I purchased a empty herb shaker at Whole Foods for $1.99 and the rest is history.
Peace & Love,

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